About Wisdom Writings

Hi and welcome!

These writings are a form of writing that I discovered I could do about 20 years ago. I had many questions at that time in my life and while journaling, the pen suddenly took off and had a life of its own.  I knew not what I was writing before the pen started forming the words.  I imagine it is similar to the feeling of surfing where suddenly the wave takes over and you just ride!  The syntax, vocabulary and voice are not reflective of my usual style, yet they were always filled with such love and wisdom that I eventually called them Wisdom Writings.  I kept them to myself for a very long time and occasionally would share them with people close to me or with those that I thought would like them.  To be honest, I couldn’t logically explain how I “do” these writings so it felt vulnerable to share them.

In the recent few years, I started blogging these writings.  Many of my friends enjoyed reading them and it felt like the next step on this Wisdom Writing journey.   Now there are many subscribers to this blog and most are “virtual” unknowns to me and yet kindred souls.  I have become comfortable with this style of writing and trust the message has value to many.  Several subscribers and “fans” have asked for a private Wisdom Writing message.  They love the joyful perspective of the Wisdom and it offers a new view of an old or recurrent situation in their lives.

If you would love a joyful, loving, unique perspective on a situation in your life, send me an email to jaradesire@gmail.com.    You can send me a question like, ” How can I heal the relationship with my mother?” or you can send me a couple of sentences explaining the area of your life where a new perspective would be valuable.  The details are not important here, just a brief explanation to capture the essence is all that is needed.   I will then set up a time for you to call me either via Skype or with a regular call.   On the call, I will first read the Wisdom Writing message to you, then I will email it to you so we can briefly discuss it.  Often I get visual images while writing the message that I will share with you as well.  My deepest intent and desire is that your heart gets touched in a way that allows a whole new opening and perspective for this issue.   The value of this service is $150.00.  You will receive a payment request from PayPal that you will pay before we have our call.   These calls and writings can be profoundly loving and can often change the course of that issue in your life, if you allow the full guidance of the wisdom.

With love and gratitude,

Janet Rae




5 Responses to About Wisdom Writings

  1. heartlightdg says:

    Hello Janet,
    I found your site through the dashboard today and I am feeling a connection to you. We have much in common. I too just began my own blog about a month ago, feeling as if I was to write these things I kept to myself and wondered if anyone would read it. I have always loved to write and this forum called me as the perfect place to put what is overflowing inside. I have not yet posted any of my “messages” but do feel as though the things I write just flow out of me as yours do. There is very little editing though I do change some words afterwards knowing that they didn’t come out as was intended. Sometimes I struggle to put words to what comes to me.
    I plan to bookmark your site. Thank you for sharing your “Wisdom Writings” ! Beautiful!


    • jaraedesire says:

      Oh Dorothy…….thank you so much for connecting! Sounds like we are “soul” sisters………the writing I do is as exactly as you say. It took alot of courage for me to start posting them and I often wonder if anyone reads them……….I have been “told” that what matters most right now is that I nurture the connection and allow my fullest joy when I write, transcribe and post them. I am excited to check out your blog!


  2. Janet – what a WONDERFUL blog!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to read your words ~


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