Open Your BeautifulTreasure Box

Be pleased right now.  Be pleased all day.  Be pleased with the events of your life today.  For the opening is getting created through the “pleased” nature of so many of you.

For we see the higher view.  Remember the feeling of being high in the clouds in the planes and looking down to see the expanse, the beauty, the brilliance.  That is what we are seeing– your expanse, your beauty, your brilliance flowing so clearly in you and all around you.

For the quality of your relationships seems to be at play right now.  Examine the daily habits of all of you. See the brief moments of fun, of joy, of love, of creativity and dabble in them more and more.  We relish that you a have a gift of time to expand the most beautiful of attributes within you and we say……..Go, go, go within to these beautiful attributes.  You have been seeking the treasure your whole life and here it is, buried within you.  Now open your beautiful treasure box. Allow those close to you to see the beautiful treasure that you are.  It is safe and it is now.  Open the box.  For each of you has such a unique blend of the most beautiful attributes.

Notice your fascination with rainbows lately and those colors pale in comparison to the beautiful, emanating, glow of colors coming from within you.  The exuberance, the beauty, the brilliance is all there.  Always there.  The time is NOW.

Open your treasure box.  Let it shine.  Set it free and see the dance of beauty with those you love.  For the beauty is within all, and see the dance that is emerging within you and all around you.

For the color of your world, of your life, of your being is going to a new phase of brilliance and beauty.

Be pleased; as we are.


janet’s note:  Wow this was such a visually beautiful writing.  I felt and saw a blend of colors and almost like dancing music, swirling around people.   The reference to the planes and looking down is always something that astounds me when I fly and yet I was captured by the paradox of  “not flying” right now……..kind of like all of us are being “grounded” .  Not punished/grounded but connected/grounded.  I felt a deep appreciation for the fact that I have flown and had that beautiful visual of being in the clouds.  

Sometimes I wish I was a painter or artist and could create the beauty that visually flows through during these writings……..maybe one of you feels it and/or sees it and can capture it……if so, please send me a picture of  your creation.  You can post it here or on my fb page:     I love you all and thank you for being here with me NOW. 


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The Smell of Home-Baked Cookies

In the light of day, look at the trees. Look at the landscape. Look at flowers. Look at nature that surrounds you and breathe it in.  Take it in and know that the life of Spring is in you, around you…in all and around all.  For the glory of life, of spring, of beauty fills the world, and now is the time to connect, see and feel that growth, that expansion.

We are here to let you know that all is well and the timing of each event in your life and in the world is impeccable for the greatest growth to who you truly are as an individual and a collective.

Allow the growth of both components to be felt, seen and heard.  Seek the evidence for this expansion and connection at this time.  For the glory of your connection is going to fill your hearts and souls with a joy and satisfaction that will have no words, no expression.  It will be a deep feeling, a deep knowing and no need to express it at this time.  Allow, allow, allow that deep feeling of knowing and soul satisfaction to grow in you.  Feel it, know it.  Just like the smell of home-baked cookies, it elicits a feeling in your body.  Allow this feeling and knowing of who you really are to grow and relish that feeling.  Again much  like the smell of home-baked cookies becomes a personal delight, so it is with the knowing of who you really are and who all of you are.

We thank you for the glorious connection that is growing in the world and being a voice  for a connection that is now opening, opening, opening new connections in the world for a forever expansion of love, contribution and creativity.

May all beings know themselves in new, wonderful ways.  We thank you for the contribution of your voice, your heart…all of you are joyously connected in a way that will be realized more and more daily.

We thank you.  We love you.

Note from Janet

I did a fb live and read this Wisdom Writing at the suggestion of one of my clients.  The benefit is I can read it with the energy and rhythm that I heard it……..Please enjoy if you are on fb.

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Step up, Step up, Step up

Together is how we all live.  Together is the word that can bind you with another.  For together is a path of solution, a path of expansion, a path “through” this that seems to bind you.

For the nature of the world, both your inner and outer worlds, are being asked to move “through” right now.  Move through with love.  Move through with grace.  Move through with an openness of the collective mind for the greatest good for all generations in the past, present and future.  For many are with you at this time, and look for the signs.  For much like the final scene in the Endgame, there are many on your side.  The support, the reinforcements are coming, are always coming.

Be innovative in your ideas.  Be open to change, with innovation.  For this will and can propel many systems and mindsets into a new direction of innovation and creativity.

Keep the connection.  If touch is not happening, build up your sense to touch hearts, touch love across miles, oceans, rooms and beds, for hearts and love are more powerful than ever before and than ever experienced.  Much like Dorothy and her ruby slippers, the power has always been in you and still is.

Be still in the days.  Turn off and enjoy the opportunity to turn off.  Allow, allow, allow a new flow, a new feeling beyond anything you’ve felt before.  This is a time many of you asked to be here and are here by special request.  Step up.  Step up.  Step up.  The time is now.  Lay your love out wide and far within you and all around you.

Be pleased with yourselves daily.  Be loving with yourselves daily.  Be aware of changes of movement within:  changes of the heart, changes of the peace and expansion in the body.  Much is available right now and always.  Be attentive; yet soft and know that all is well and you are in a time known by your soul for deep fulfillment.


janet’s note:

Thank you for connecting, reaching out and reading this.  I have been asking lately, “How can I be an influential voice for inspiration, creativity and love at this time in our lives?”  The answer came in opening up my “channel” (not a word I’m fond of) and writing a Wisdom Writing at least once a week for three months.  So here is week #1.  I want to contribute moving “through” this event in our world in a way that is soul fulfilling. I’m starting with me and would love to hear from you.  I am curious on how “to gather” us as they speak of in the first paragraph…….I think sending this out and hearing your responses will plant seeds and new ideas for all of us.  I am blessed to have this platform to express myself and doubly blessed that you are reading it.  Feel free to friend me on fb and share how you are inspired, or expressing creativity, innovation, love at this time.  

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The “EYE” of the Hurricane: The Source of Peace and Calm


In this day of snow and all things white, we wish to bring forth the power of peace that is brought forth through nature.  For the peace of nature is your nature and we wish to give you access to this.

In the matter of chaos lies the heart of peace, and the ability to be with the chaos allows the peace, the clarity, the true reality to come forth. Hence the “eye” of the hurricane enveloped by chaos, is the calm, is the one with vision.

For now we say you and all of you can be and are the eye of the hurricane.  For that power, that quality of peace in the midst of chaos is you, is for you and is for all.  We ask you to ask for the greatest access to this peace.

Allow time in nature both peaceful and chaotic. Look, feel, know that the power of that calm, of that peace, is you and is in you greater than you have allowed.

We love this opportunity to connect and now is your time to be the eye, the vision, the calm , the peace and know the glory of life and all that is.  Amen

janet’s note:  Wow!  It never occurred to me to see that the “eye” of the storm is the vision of calm within chaos and is available to all of us.  What a beautiful visual and metaphor.  I felt “called” to do this writing today and I am eager to do more this week.  I post and send these with the greatest intent and love in my heart to bring new levels of joy, love and delight to all of you. xoxo

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Gold, Gold, Gold is Embedded in Everyone

We are always ever-ready for the opening of you to receive our message. The invitation from you always opens the gates and flow.  You are welcome to invite the flow all day, everyday, and witness the flow as it will allow a quickening of development that you have been seeking. The asking is of great value as is the recognition of receiving, and we love the “eager for more”.

As we go on our journey with you, we ask you to be still more in your days.  Seek the unplugged stillness and allow the growth of a new sensation to thrill you and fill you.  For the glory of who you are is here and always here, and the value of you is yours to discover, to reap, to allow to come forth in ways that are undeniable to you; yet fill the hearts of many.  For all are here to discover some piece of themselves that is thrilling, magical and beyond the glory of what they imagine themselves to be.  The authentic experience of this benefits all, all, all.

Allow this experience to grow throughout the world. For the time is so ripe with moments for the glory of knowing one’s self in a brand new way.  Gold, gold, gold is embedded in every one of you, and the more you discover the more it grows;  for the supply is endless in you.  Find the magical. Find the glorious.  Raise it high. Celebrate it as it comes from you to gift all.

The all of you are always gifted by the gold in all of  you.  For we love to witness the glory of all, and more valuable is the unique, individual moment of knowing one’s gold deep within.

We say “Go for the Gold” and watch the glimmer and shimmer reflect throughout the world.

janet’s note:  Wow this message is so visually beautiful.  I have been asking to receive more messages and the strong suggestion to get unplugged is the next step for me.  I am now removing my phone from the area when I channel these messages.  

The “Eager for More” phrase is my favorite phrase when I write in my gratitude journal……I’ve kept it from listening to hours of Abraham years ago.

I love the visual that the Gold in you, me and everyone gifts the world 🙂   Much love 🙂

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Treasure the Treasure Within

You will go deeper and deeper into the place of knowing and much like learning to swim at greater depths you will learn to receive at greater depths.

Allow the gradual learning to be a journey of extraordinary growth and fulfillment……for we say the depth of a message has the potential to light up many lives and touch hearts that will grow for all of life. _____________________________________________________________

In the end of all that is—— is all that is.  The enormity, immenseness of this is beyond the imagining of the human mind for a reason……for your journey is to be here, to play here, to learn here and to grow here.

We love the journey of you, of all of you and we urge you to continue with your journey, continue with your growth and expand here in your body, in your life.  For we send you many reasons for growth and indeed with each obstacle comes a golden treasure within you;  and yet, it seems only a few have tapped into this treasure.  For we say to allow yourself to tap into this treasure and you will experience the unlimited nature of you….for that is the treasure of being a human being here.

For now we say enjoy.  We always wish you to enjoy your journey, enjoy your path.  Excavate your treasures one beautiful piece at a time, and treasure the treasure within.

janet’s note:

The first two paragraphs were intended to be separate from the rest of the writing as I received it.  The visual that “didn’t” come when I wrote “In then end of all that is……is all that is” emphasized the power of the next line…….the journey is to be HERE.  If we could see or realize the expanse, maybe we wouldn’t be as vested in being here and being all that we can be…….here. 

I love that we are here to excavate the treasure within us and all those obstacles are FOR us to access those new treasures, new qualities, new experiences of who we know ourselves to be!   I have been learning this, and at times embracing it over these past three years, as I have had the journey of learning how to walk all over again at 59 🙂  Strength, calm, peace, compassion have been some of those treasures that have come by staying HERE 🙂   Much love. 

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YOU are the Secret Ingredient

The poetry and beauty is part of your gift, as the validation is part of the gift of others.  We ask you to love your gift and watch it expand and grow, for the flow of words across paper is a gift that many can access yet the unique flow of you with us is the gift.  Think of  it as a recipe and you are the secret ingredient as is everyone else with their gift.  For very few view themselves as the secret ingredient.

For now we say allow more love to open your heart;  as the opening of one’s heart can be the greatest skill to learn in a lifetime.  Open your heart at times when it feels impossible.  Open your heart when you “think” it is open and then we say open more.  For that opening is a powerful receiver and transmitter that can bring and send great good much further than the thinking and belief you hold.

For now we say bring a big sigh of breath to all days.  Allow this big sigh of breath again in the moments of anxious hurry or belligerent questioning.  Allow this sigh to open your heart and witness the shift in you.  For we say that the forwarding of one’s self to a deeper, more open expression of one’s heart is a path that many choose yet few take the steps into the dark forest.  Now venture into the dark forest step after step after step and witness your heart lighting up the pathway;  for the brilliance of you, of all of you, is beyond the realization of many.  Allow a new experience, a new reality to come forth through the brilliance of  your heart.

We thank you for connecting.We urge a daily dose and enjoy the brilliance of you.

janet’s note:  This is one of the most beautiful writings that has come through in a while.  I have been asking about my “gift” and wondering if I am an intuitive,  a psychic, a medium, a channel and if so how do I access validation and specificity…….interesting response…..Never considered myself to be a secret ingredient in a recipe!!!  You are too!! 

I love the visual I got of walking through a dark forest and lighting up the pathway with my heart……I send and share these with great love and great intent for the highest good for all.  

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