Loving Reminders…..This is Who You Are

As we watch and praise the journey of your life, do we sing the glory of your every step. For always do we have reverence for the journey that you take.  The reverence of one who so steadfastly searches, seeks and looks for the highest path, the path of wisdom; one who attends to the highest goodness in others. 

Know that is who you are, and the tension, anger, fear reactions are the human playing out his/her role as well.  Enjoy this dance.  Integrate the being of your soul into the being of the human and enjoy the dance that is life.  It is for you and reach, reach, reach for us through breath, through writing, through love. We will always, always, always be here with messages of love, joy and goodness.  For this is who you are.

janet’s note:  What fun it has been to gift you with a personalized Wisdom Writing.  I have made so many new heart-felt connections and the flow of the Wisdom Writings is one of my favorite experiences to share with others.  I am offering these through May 1, 2015 as a gift to you.  Please message me via email at jarae@comcast.net if you are called to receive this gift 🙂

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You are an “Awe of Nature”

Our message for xxxx is ready and the time for her has been one of great focus, of great attention, and now we ask you to turn your attention to love.  But this love is love of self in a way that may be new for you. 

For the love of self is an affinity for the you that you are in this moment; as you are in this moment.  So we ask you to see a scan of the self much like you would scan a beautiful butterfly.  For imagine if you could get a close-up of a butterfly in its cocoon state, in its emergent state, and in its fully free and flying state.  Each scan would bring awe and wonder for the glorious colors, textures and ways of movement.  It would all bring an appreciation for nature and an awe for the way of nature.

So now we ask you to view yourself as an “awe of nature”, something extraordinary, something amazing, one of a kind.  Now you are in your cocoon and this state has beauty, reverence and necessity for the emergence of the beautiful butterfly. Now the caterpillar worries not about how in the world will it grow wings.  No, the caterpillar listens to its desires, fills its belly, retreats to the darkness and awaits with patience the glorious delivery of the wings. 

So now dear xxxxx we say to adorn yourself with the glory of nature.  Everyday attune to it and revel in it and know that every glorious cell, shape, color and size is made of the very essence of every cell, shape, color and size that is in you.  For the awe and wonder of self is the journey for you.  Enjoy it. Slow down. Realize the true value of each step you take and trust your wings will be magnificent.

We love you……..always……..all ways.

janet’s note:   This is one of the most beautiful writings that has come through.  This was a personalized message for someone this week.  I got her permission to share this because I felt the message would be a great gift for many of you!   I love you all so much and just adore the gift of the Wisdom Writings!  

I am testing out some “integration” practices with these writings so that my clients may take this from a “Wow that is a beautiful message” to a “Wow, this is my daily life experience,  filled with awe and wonder.”    For this message, my client is getting a magnifying glass and going out to her garden to look at the tulips that keep getting her attention and see the things she doesn’t normally see when she looks from a distance.  Then at night, in her journal, instead of writing what she hopes, wishes and prays for, she will write where she saw the parts of her that are hidden that are beautiful or any place else in the day where she was in awe.   The premise here is that the WisdomWorld is a reality that is always available and waiting and that by writing about it and seeing it allows it to integrate and interact with us on a daily basis. 

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Peering Through the Wonder Window

As the days go by and the healing grows faster, allow the integration of goodness, of reverency of goodness to imbue your very core.  Feel it surround, envelop and fill the tendons, the cells, the blood vessels, the muscles, the nerves, all aspects of that which you call your body.  Begin to feel, see and know reverence for the physical in a way that brings the essence of wonder to your experience. 

As you go in your days, view the landscape with wonder:  the blooms, the colors, the timing, the tapestry of the all of nature, the timing of nature, the glory of nature and feel filled by that beauty as it surrounds you. 

As you go about your day, feel the wonder of love as it fills you.  How do you feel love?  How do you know love?  How do you receive love and then how do you receive more love?  Amaze yourself at your capacity to receive love, and much like a child, thrill when it overflows and thrill when it just tickles you. 

Allow all that life brings to be a wonder.  Allow wonder to fill you, and peer through the lens of life with a wondrous soul.  Feel the truest essence of who you are.  For now you know why you delight with children, it is the recognition of who you really are:  filled with wonder and delight.  Allow that to fill your days, fill your heart and be the most valuable commodity of the day. 

We thank you for our connection and anticipate great moments in the journey you call life.

janet’s note:  Oh such a glorious message.  The messages are flowing again and my appreciation for them and being a “channel” for them is growing as well.  I love, love, love doing Wisdom Writings for other people…….they come across as a love letter from your soul. From now until May 1, 2015, I will be offering the Wisdom Writings as a gift to anyone who would like one.  You may email me jarae@comcast.net,  reply to this blog or message me on fb http://www.facebook.com/janet.rae   For those of you who have already had one, you are included in this offer as well!!

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Christmas in Spring

Bask in the glory of goodness. Let it wash all over you.  Bathe in it.  Feel it.  Indulge all your senses in the glory of goodness.  We hear the fair sense of play that is filling you and urging you.  For this fair sense of play is the opening to playing with all that life brings and indeed to play with this since you are in a masterful approach to play.  In the days that follow, trust the steps of connection.  Take time in connection and allow it to be your “wine”, your “mood enhancer”.

Now as we flow through you, move fully.   We suggest a dance.  Be it a chair dance, a head dance, an arm dance, but a dance is so good to remind the body of harmony and the delight that it brings.  The vibration of music will thrill you and feel you.  Allow it to be a glory that feeds you for days.

In the days ahead ask for support in great and grand ways.  Ask for it to feel like Christmas.  Ask to be in the flow as a great ride in any amusement park.  Experience glee in these next days.  Ask for it and anticipate it and look for it.  You will be pleased.

Indeed the “venture”  you are on can be viewed as a ride and now bless this ride for a transition is near.  Ask to be delighted with the transition.  Ask for it to be smooth, easy and delightful.  Trust your intuition.  Answer emails when guided.  Make calls when guided, and enjoy the guidance of goodness.  We love you deeply and always.

janet’s note:  This is guidance for me as I navigate through my healing journey but I feel called to share it with all of you!  I know many of you are on a healing journey as well and may these wise words touch the light of your soul 🙂 

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Which “You” is Caked With Mud?

In the deep pool of a crystal-clear pond lies the many life forms teeming with vibrancy,  unseen by those who pass, and even as you gaze upon the beauty of the water do you not see the glory below.  For Dear One, look beneath the surface of your tendons, bones and muscles.  Look deep into the part of you teeming with life source, with light, with the glory of all that is.  In the days of murky water and trudging through mud, again we say see the light within, know it is there always there and more “you” than any mud you can cake all over you.  So play in the mud; yet get curious about the benefits of the mud, and then radiate the light that is always you. 

janet’s note:  My dear friends and followers…….some of you may know that for about a year now I have been on a unique journey  with the tendons and muscles of my legs so I experience being fairly immobile some days……and yet this past year has been a year of great growth within myself and with many, many of my relationships.   On most days now, I am happy with who I am, the gifts that I bring and the love that I feel.  One of my discoveries in this past year is how much joy it brings me to “gift”  the Wisdom Writings.  Thank you, thank you to all of you that accepted my offer.  It was pure joy to feel so generous and give such beautiful messages to people all around the world!!!    If you didn’t ask or if you have been tentative about receiving a Wisdom Writing……not to worry…….I will be offering  them as a gift again in February…….kind of like my Valentine’s gift to you.  I appreciate you very much and thank you for being a piece of my heart on the days when I soar and on the days when I trudge in the mud!

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Rekindle Your Light

The guidance for you today is for the brilliance of a light that is ever alive, ever aflame, ever aglow with the love and light that is you, is always you.  Rekindle your connection to that light, play with emphasizing it.  Play with igniting it, play with the colors it exudes.  For the glory of all that is can come forth when your light is aglow, and then the glory of all that is can fully glow and flow through you.  Experience that.  Live for that.  Passion for that.  Yearn for that.  Desire that and watch it fulfill itself through you. 

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The Dance of Life

Today’s message can be heard by many and yet the unity of the message rings true in their hearts.  For the glory of a life filled with love is the life so easy to dream and talk about.  We ask you to turn your attention to the glory of the depth of a connection. A connection to the dance of life.  A connection to the flow of life.  A connection to the “allness” of life.  For the separate nature still resounds in the desire for love; for it is one loving another.  Yet we say connection, the intricate webbing of all of life in and through you and you and you, it is this connection that is life.  Open to the deepest connections.  Open to the deepest of love connections.  Open to the glory of all that is as it runs through you, through your life. 

For the dramatic nature of a hurricane, the serenity of a snow-filled meadow, the beauty of a field of flowers, the majesty of a mountain and all the splendors of the world are connected in you, through you.  Know that our gaze upon you is as splendor-filled as yours upon the diamond-lit lake in the sunshine.  For you are our diamond, sparkling shining and connected to all that is. 

Today feel, remember, know and seek your connection to the depth of each and everything that surrounds you and each and everything that feels worlds away from you.  Oh the harmony of your world is splendid, melodic and awe-inspiring.  You are in the dance and led by the dance.  We honor you.  We love you.  We are you.  Amen.

janet’s note:  It seems that music and dance seem to be a common theme in the messages from the Wisdom Writings.  The visual from this message is stunning and the feeling of being “connected to each and everything that surrounds me and everything that feels world’s away” feels so solid, yet fluid……much like a web!   Many blessings and thank you so much to all that find their way to the Wisdom Writings 🙂

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