You are an Exquisite Salute to the Power of Nature

The expansion of life is a certainty and a “static” that “is”.   

And in the matter of the expansion through nature, via nature, in nature; you can look at the bud on the trees and see those buds in their early state, as the plumpness of the twigs expand.  Soon the blossoms come forth with an exquisite salute to the power of nature, to the evolving nature of expansion that perpetually “is”.   

We say that is you; for the evolving nature of you “is”.  The allowing is the going with what is and the disallowing is the very act of interceding on a path that doesn’t even exist. For you could go remove every bud from a tree and yet would it not evolve, expand grow?  For in the very core, in the roots, in the cells, are the very catalysts for growth, expansion and beauty. 

Again we say to you, the growth and evolution of you is in your cells, in your core, in you, is you.  So now dear one allow the blossoming of your branches.  Allow the fullest foliage to emerge from within and be marveled by you.  Enjoy the you that is growing, evolving and doing what nature intended.  For you are here to be the most beautiful tree in your soul’s evolution. 

Now is your time.  Now is your time.  Now is your time.

janet’s note:

I proposed a direction for this writing for the first time, as an experiment.  Usually I allow a full flow of wisdom to come through me.  As I was sitting on my front porch enjoying the emergence of spring through the trees, birds, squirrels, etc I started my writing with this:  “I am going to receive a message that is a gift to many in expanding as the very nature of who they are.”   Enjoy the beauty and love in the Wisdom Writing today.  I am appreciative of both the gift that flows through me and you for receiving it so openly.  Much love. 

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The Fruit is Always the Sweetest with the Fullest Blossom

As time goes by, we are with you and never disconnect from you.  The flow of our wisdom is available for you at any time, all the time.

And in the matter of your service do you need to pursue it or is it meant to unfold around you.  Bloom, bloom, bloom like a spring flower and by putting yourself in new soil; in ripe, fertile soil will you bloom.  Allow the nudges to guide you. Thank them and expand the message of the nudges to include as many as possible, for the gathering of your clan has begun and will continue to grow.  For we are waiting to bring the many, so for now deepen and enjoy the new connections; and like the fragile bloom, allow it to fully blossom, for the fruit is always the sweetest with the fullest blossom.

We appreciate our connection and now the flow of appreciation is opening up both ways, for the wisdom of the “all that is” is  a wisdom that can be heard and felt by many.  You will be connecting to many but for now enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. 

janet’s note:  Hello!  It has been 18 months since I have done a Wisdom Writing and there has been great expansion in my life!  18 months ago I was using a walker to walk.  I am now climbing stairs, driving, walking through airports and going to Pilates on a regular basis. YAY!!!   18 months ago I was living in Tucson for almost 25 years.  I am now living in Asheville and loving a new chapter here with my husband.  The trees, clouds, humidity are enlivening my soul.  I recently got a strong nudge to start writing again and for the first time have deep appreciation for the gift of my Wisdom Writings.  I look forward to writing more and expanding this gift to as many people as possible.  Much love to all of you! 

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The Reverberation and Treasure of Trust

As the goodness of your life begins to flood in, allow the float and raising of your trust to build with the goodness.  For the glory of goodness can be received through the conduit of trust.  The trust that abounds within each and every person, is like a treasure yet to be discovered. 

As each person,  one-by-one opens that treasure box, then much like a fireworks display gone awry, the beauty, glory and immediacy is felt, seen and heard by all those that are nearby and even those at far distances.  For the reverberation of trust goes out in many, many directions and brings goodness in new ways yet to be discovered in your world.  We assure you the glory of goodness is the birthright of all,  and yet the trust will be your keys to the kingdom.


Now as our message shifts to Henry*, allow all the goodness that he is, that you are and that all involved are to bubble forth for you.  Let that be your energy.  Let that fuel and fill you and again we say trust that ride.  Trust that journey.  Trust the goodness as it ebbs and flows in the conversation.  All is well and enjoy.

janet’s note:  Hi!  The visual that came through on this message was spectacular.  The opening of treasure boxes around the world had a Disney-esque feel with lots of color.  I love the idea of people around the world trusting life more and more and watching “goodness” become a celebrated yet certain outcome.   The second part was a personal message to me regarding a friend* (not his real name) and what to say to him.  Lo and behold no guidance on what to say to him…….more guidance on how to view all parties involved and how to feel in the conversation.  I thought that might benefit someone besides me, so I shared.  Much love to all of you!

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The Gift of Disharmony and Dissonance in Our Lives

Fuel the body with the goodness of love.  Fuel the body with the greatness of grace.  Fuel the body with the immense glory that is you, that flows through you, and that “is”. 

We welcome a message of connection, a bridge of light.  As you open your heart and soul, that bridge illuminates a great splendor, and the path of connection builds and grows stronger through each connection.  Reclaim the glory of your voice. Reclaim the glory of your view.  Reclaim the glory of your value and step forward now.

For the message of the mighty heart is one to come forth now.  For the voracity of love needed for you to move you forward, is now there to propel you into the flow of your destined path.  And never once again doubt that we are with you, that all is divine, and that any path excels another’s.  For each minute vibration is important.  Each step, gradient, opening is indeed the glory of each soul finding its harmonic vibration,  and the disharmony is of great value. The dissonance creates a desire for harmony that enlivens and reclaims the part of the soul that went into deep slumber.  So arise now and celebrate all the disharmony in your life, and the lives of others and in your world.  For this disharmony will crescendo into a symphony of love, joy and beauty that is calling forth so many right now. 

Enjoy this adventure.  Enjoy this journey.  Enjoy this thing called life.

janet’s note:  Hi!  I haven’t received a Wisdom Writing in quite some time.  I have been getting the nudge to write again and listened to the nudge.  As I sat down to write today it took a bit longer to feel connected and it felt similar, yet different in its style and voice.  I believe I have connected or possibly reconnected to a new voice.  I love the wisdom of this message and though distinctly for me, I share this with all of you.  For if it calls to just one of you and it opens your heart and soul,  then it is a true gift that flows through me to you!   Much love. 

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Loving Reminders…..This is Who You Are

As we watch and praise the journey of your life, do we sing the glory of your every step. For always do we have reverence for the journey that you take.  The reverence of one who so steadfastly searches, seeks and looks for the highest path, the path of wisdom; one who attends to the highest goodness in others. 

Know that is who you are, and the tension, anger, fear reactions are the human playing out his/her role as well.  Enjoy this dance.  Integrate the being of your soul into the being of the human and enjoy the dance that is life.  It is for you and reach, reach, reach for us through breath, through writing, through love. We will always, always, always be here with messages of love, joy and goodness.  For this is who you are.

janet’s note:  What fun it has been to gift you with a personalized Wisdom Writing.  I have made so many new heart-felt connections and the flow of the Wisdom Writings is one of my favorite experiences to share with others.  I am offering these through May 1, 2015 as a gift to you.  Please message me via email at if you are called to receive this gift 🙂

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You are an “Awe of Nature”

Our message for xxxx is ready and the time for her has been one of great focus, of great attention, and now we ask you to turn your attention to love.  But this love is love of self in a way that may be new for you. 

For the love of self is an affinity for the you that you are in this moment; as you are in this moment.  So we ask you to see a scan of the self much like you would scan a beautiful butterfly.  For imagine if you could get a close-up of a butterfly in its cocoon state, in its emergent state, and in its fully free and flying state.  Each scan would bring awe and wonder for the glorious colors, textures and ways of movement.  It would all bring an appreciation for nature and an awe for the way of nature.

So now we ask you to view yourself as an “awe of nature”, something extraordinary, something amazing, one of a kind.  Now you are in your cocoon and this state has beauty, reverence and necessity for the emergence of the beautiful butterfly. Now the caterpillar worries not about how in the world will it grow wings.  No, the caterpillar listens to its desires, fills its belly, retreats to the darkness and awaits with patience the glorious delivery of the wings. 

So now dear xxxxx we say to adorn yourself with the glory of nature.  Everyday attune to it and revel in it and know that every glorious cell, shape, color and size is made of the very essence of every cell, shape, color and size that is in you.  For the awe and wonder of self is the journey for you.  Enjoy it. Slow down. Realize the true value of each step you take and trust your wings will be magnificent.

We love you……..always……..all ways.

janet’s note:   This is one of the most beautiful writings that has come through.  This was a personalized message for someone this week.  I got her permission to share this because I felt the message would be a great gift for many of you!   I love you all so much and just adore the gift of the Wisdom Writings!  

I am testing out some “integration” practices with these writings so that my clients may take this from a “Wow that is a beautiful message” to a “Wow, this is my daily life experience,  filled with awe and wonder.”    For this message, my client is getting a magnifying glass and going out to her garden to look at the tulips that keep getting her attention and see the things she doesn’t normally see when she looks from a distance.  Then at night, in her journal, instead of writing what she hopes, wishes and prays for, she will write where she saw the parts of her that are hidden that are beautiful or any place else in the day where she was in awe.   The premise here is that the WisdomWorld is a reality that is always available and waiting and that by writing about it and seeing it allows it to integrate and interact with us on a daily basis. 

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Peering Through the Wonder Window

As the days go by and the healing grows faster, allow the integration of goodness, of reverency of goodness to imbue your very core.  Feel it surround, envelop and fill the tendons, the cells, the blood vessels, the muscles, the nerves, all aspects of that which you call your body.  Begin to feel, see and know reverence for the physical in a way that brings the essence of wonder to your experience. 

As you go in your days, view the landscape with wonder:  the blooms, the colors, the timing, the tapestry of the all of nature, the timing of nature, the glory of nature and feel filled by that beauty as it surrounds you. 

As you go about your day, feel the wonder of love as it fills you.  How do you feel love?  How do you know love?  How do you receive love and then how do you receive more love?  Amaze yourself at your capacity to receive love, and much like a child, thrill when it overflows and thrill when it just tickles you. 

Allow all that life brings to be a wonder.  Allow wonder to fill you, and peer through the lens of life with a wondrous soul.  Feel the truest essence of who you are.  For now you know why you delight with children, it is the recognition of who you really are:  filled with wonder and delight.  Allow that to fill your days, fill your heart and be the most valuable commodity of the day. 

We thank you for our connection and anticipate great moments in the journey you call life.

janet’s note:  Oh such a glorious message.  The messages are flowing again and my appreciation for them and being a “channel” for them is growing as well.  I love, love, love doing Wisdom Writings for other people…….they come across as a love letter from your soul. From now until May 1, 2015, I will be offering the Wisdom Writings as a gift to anyone who would like one.  You may email me,  reply to this blog or message me on fb   For those of you who have already had one, you are included in this offer as well!!

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