Scores of delight…, bing, bing!!!

Heed not the distraction of your body for the connection of our message is the elixir for anything that distracts you from a connection of the wisdom that so easily flows through you.

And in the matter of an event, be ready for many ideas to flow to you and through you.  For the gates of creativity are open, and we urge a connection to your soul connectors that are also seeking to evolve their communication and bridge. Be open to new connections and new relations that will forward this idea and event.

Now we feel your opening.  Now we feel your knowing. In the knowing is great power; is a great grid of vibration that connects to so many dimensions and creates the blanket of serendipity that delights you.  For that blanket of serendipity is our way of showing you that connections are ever-present and designed to light up your life like a pinball machine. 

The flow of the pin ball is often effortless, easy….. bing, bing, bing.   Sometimes it goes right down the middle with no obstructions or resistances and no satisfaction.  So allow the bing, bing, bing of resistance to bring in more serendipity and “scores of delight”.  We love to play with words for you!

We thank you for allowing this connection and we are always eager for more.

Go blessedly into your day.  All is well.

janet’s note:  My goodness so much is opening up in my creativity as I open up more and more to the Wisdom Writing messages.  I have a new idea for an event that I don’t think has ever been done…… stay tuned!!!   It feels deeply satisfying to experience this level of creativity and inspiration and I am “eager for more”!! 

  I love the visual of the pinball machine.  It never occurred to me that the more “resistances and obstacles” on a pinball machine the higher the score and the more fun the game!   I LOVE that example and I love the phrase “scores of delight” as the depth of the word “score” brings an immediate expansion in me and I hope for you too!  

much love! 

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Adjusting the Setting on your Internal Thermostat

“Letting go to receive” are words that are often spoken; yet, the experience of these words can be elusive and escape you.  For we say that the “knowing” of letting go and the “knowing” of receiving can be an internal bliss that one can use as a touchstone.   So we say find that within you, and feel the touchstone of receiving and the outpouring connection that comes with receiving.  For receiving can only happen with a deep connection… feel for the knowing of the connection and lounge and luxuriate in that connected feeling for that will expand in you and set a new temperature within you for receiving, for connection.

For imagine that internal thermostat is often run by someone or something other than connection and receiving.  So we say now set that setting to a deep, loving connection ALWAYS,  and watch the new happenings, feelings and growths that all grow like a beautiful flower garden all around you.  For we love to bring images of nature, beauty and splendor.  Allow these images to grow within you.  Allow these images to delight you– inside and outside of you and know that you are connected to all of it.

We love the new play of beauty, color and delight that you are bringing and know that it will benefit many.  So allow yourself to play with the beauty, with the color, with the delight. Enjoy the process. For we are with you in the delight and as that is our true nature….so it is yours to be delight, know delight and feel delight throughout your day and yes the humor of the word “de-light” (the light) is intended to delight you.

This is the knowing of our connection and the outpouring of a new thermostat setting within.

Enjoy.  Delight and play dear ones.

janet’s note:

I love the analogy of the thermostat and I had a visual of my hand changing the setting to “receiving and connection”.  I also loved the playful nature of the Wisdom Writings as I could hear “de plane……de plane” from Fantasy Island every time I wrote “delight”.  The connection to this realm that knows exactly what to say to me to make me smile and open my heart is strengthening trust and love in me………such a beautiful gift.  I share these writings with the deepest intent of strengthening the trust, love, beauty and creativity within you as we all bring forth a new expression in this world 🙂 

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The Forever Imprint of You

The forest is full of trees, and the beauty and unique nature of each one is blessed, real and lasting.  For the imprint of the beauty lasts and lasts and lasts.

Now the matter of the beauty of your gift is in question and we urge you to go deeper.  Allow much time in nature.   Allow the fullest listening to nature.  Allow all good that is flowing to flow through you, and being a receiver is a good way to allow all to flow through you.   Practice receiving.  Practice listening.  Practice the stillness and the feel of expansion as you receive. Feel the expansion in that state of being open.

Allow more and more to open in you and allow the newest of ideas to percolate and feel into them. Play with them. Paint them colorful and fun, and allow all the ideas to bubble up.   For we see and feel the new awakening in you, and now allow us to play with you.  Allow this journey to have many ebbs and flows, many trajectories, many tributaries.  Allow all of it and yes, you will feel supported by us to expand into all of it.

We are so pleased to connect and we are eager to connect with many more through you.  You may offer new writings and now allow new ideas for those writings to tumble forth.  Again we urge you to play, to be open and to bring color into the writings.  For you will be pleased.

We thank you for honoring our connection and you can ask to deepen and strengthen our connection and communication.  This is yours.  This is your gift and you are saying YES.  Feel that, allow that and now ENJOY!

janet’s note:

My goodness it has been at least a year since I have written.  I have received a strong nudge to see my Wisdom Writings as a gift and expand into them and allow them to contribute in a much greater capacity.  I have never considered myself a “medium”, “channel”  or “intuitive” so I’m learning to embrace that and  I’m guessing that is similar to someone embracing they are an “artist” or a “musician” .   Sometimes a “gift” feels so effortless and easy that it seems that everyone can do and yet the journey is to embrace my unique imprint… the Wisdom Writing is telling me.  

I love the idea of color with the Wisdom Writings…….I am not sure how that looks right now so if you have ideas or suggestions, please let me know!  Sending love to all of you!

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You are an Exquisite Salute to the Power of Nature

The expansion of life is a certainty and a “static” that “is”.   

And in the matter of the expansion through nature, via nature, in nature; you can look at the bud on the trees and see those buds in their early state, as the plumpness of the twigs expand.  Soon the blossoms come forth with an exquisite salute to the power of nature, to the evolving nature of expansion that perpetually “is”.   

We say that is you; for the evolving nature of you “is”.  The allowing is the going with what is and the disallowing is the very act of interceding on a path that doesn’t even exist. For you could go remove every bud from a tree and yet would it not evolve, expand grow?  For in the very core, in the roots, in the cells, are the very catalysts for growth, expansion and beauty. 

Again we say to you, the growth and evolution of you is in your cells, in your core, in you, is you.  So now dear one allow the blossoming of your branches.  Allow the fullest foliage to emerge from within and be marveled by you.  Enjoy the you that is growing, evolving and doing what nature intended.  For you are here to be the most beautiful tree in your soul’s evolution. 

Now is your time.  Now is your time.  Now is your time.

janet’s note:

I proposed a direction for this writing for the first time, as an experiment.  Usually I allow a full flow of wisdom to come through me.  As I was sitting on my front porch enjoying the emergence of spring through the trees, birds, squirrels, etc I started my writing with this:  “I am going to receive a message that is a gift to many in expanding as the very nature of who they are.”   Enjoy the beauty and love in the Wisdom Writing today.  I am appreciative of both the gift that flows through me and you for receiving it so openly.  Much love. 

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The Fruit is Always the Sweetest with the Fullest Blossom

As time goes by, we are with you and never disconnect from you.  The flow of our wisdom is available for you at any time, all the time.

And in the matter of your service do you need to pursue it or is it meant to unfold around you.  Bloom, bloom, bloom like a spring flower and by putting yourself in new soil; in ripe, fertile soil will you bloom.  Allow the nudges to guide you. Thank them and expand the message of the nudges to include as many as possible, for the gathering of your clan has begun and will continue to grow.  For we are waiting to bring the many, so for now deepen and enjoy the new connections; and like the fragile bloom, allow it to fully blossom, for the fruit is always the sweetest with the fullest blossom.

We appreciate our connection and now the flow of appreciation is opening up both ways, for the wisdom of the “all that is” is  a wisdom that can be heard and felt by many.  You will be connecting to many but for now enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. 

janet’s note:  Hello!  It has been 18 months since I have done a Wisdom Writing and there has been great expansion in my life!  18 months ago I was using a walker to walk.  I am now climbing stairs, driving, walking through airports and going to Pilates on a regular basis. YAY!!!   18 months ago I was living in Tucson for almost 25 years.  I am now living in Asheville and loving a new chapter here with my husband.  The trees, clouds, humidity are enlivening my soul.  I recently got a strong nudge to start writing again and for the first time have deep appreciation for the gift of my Wisdom Writings.  I look forward to writing more and expanding this gift to as many people as possible.  Much love to all of you! 

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The Reverberation and Treasure of Trust

As the goodness of your life begins to flood in, allow the float and raising of your trust to build with the goodness.  For the glory of goodness can be received through the conduit of trust.  The trust that abounds within each and every person, is like a treasure yet to be discovered. 

As each person,  one-by-one opens that treasure box, then much like a fireworks display gone awry, the beauty, glory and immediacy is felt, seen and heard by all those that are nearby and even those at far distances.  For the reverberation of trust goes out in many, many directions and brings goodness in new ways yet to be discovered in your world.  We assure you the glory of goodness is the birthright of all,  and yet the trust will be your keys to the kingdom.


Now as our message shifts to Henry*, allow all the goodness that he is, that you are and that all involved are to bubble forth for you.  Let that be your energy.  Let that fuel and fill you and again we say trust that ride.  Trust that journey.  Trust the goodness as it ebbs and flows in the conversation.  All is well and enjoy.

janet’s note:  Hi!  The visual that came through on this message was spectacular.  The opening of treasure boxes around the world had a Disney-esque feel with lots of color.  I love the idea of people around the world trusting life more and more and watching “goodness” become a celebrated yet certain outcome.   The second part was a personal message to me regarding a friend* (not his real name) and what to say to him.  Lo and behold no guidance on what to say to him…….more guidance on how to view all parties involved and how to feel in the conversation.  I thought that might benefit someone besides me, so I shared.  Much love to all of you!

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The Gift of Disharmony and Dissonance in Our Lives

Fuel the body with the goodness of love.  Fuel the body with the greatness of grace.  Fuel the body with the immense glory that is you, that flows through you, and that “is”. 

We welcome a message of connection, a bridge of light.  As you open your heart and soul, that bridge illuminates a great splendor, and the path of connection builds and grows stronger through each connection.  Reclaim the glory of your voice. Reclaim the glory of your view.  Reclaim the glory of your value and step forward now.

For the message of the mighty heart is one to come forth now.  For the voracity of love needed for you to move you forward, is now there to propel you into the flow of your destined path.  And never once again doubt that we are with you, that all is divine, and that any path excels another’s.  For each minute vibration is important.  Each step, gradient, opening is indeed the glory of each soul finding its harmonic vibration,  and the disharmony is of great value. The dissonance creates a desire for harmony that enlivens and reclaims the part of the soul that went into deep slumber.  So arise now and celebrate all the disharmony in your life, and the lives of others and in your world.  For this disharmony will crescendo into a symphony of love, joy and beauty that is calling forth so many right now. 

Enjoy this adventure.  Enjoy this journey.  Enjoy this thing called life.

janet’s note:  Hi!  I haven’t received a Wisdom Writing in quite some time.  I have been getting the nudge to write again and listened to the nudge.  As I sat down to write today it took a bit longer to feel connected and it felt similar, yet different in its style and voice.  I believe I have connected or possibly reconnected to a new voice.  I love the wisdom of this message and though distinctly for me, I share this with all of you.  For if it calls to just one of you and it opens your heart and soul,  then it is a true gift that flows through me to you!   Much love. 

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