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Scores of delight…, bing, bing!!!

Heed not the distraction of your body for the connection of our message is the elixir for anything that distracts you from a connection of the wisdom that so easily flows through you. And in the matter of an event, … Continue reading

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Adjusting the Setting on your Internal Thermostat

“Letting go to receive” are words that are often spoken; yet, the experience of these words can be elusive and escape you.  For we say that the “knowing” of letting go and the “knowing” of receiving can be an internal … Continue reading

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Wisdom Writings

Originally posted on Life Heart and Soul:
And this we will say to Dorothy. For our Dear Dorothy, treat these times with the reverence both of (Debbie and I?) you so dearly deserve. For now, view yourself in a mirror…

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Flipping the Mirror

Originally posted on Life Heart and Soul:
Perfect timing for me today.  I needed to read this. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flipping the Mirror to Liberate the Godhead Within Message from the Archangel Michael Channeled by Meredith Murphy ? Beloved friends let us…

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The Theme of Letting Go Continues

Originally posted on Life Heart and Soul:
It seems many of the messengers are passing on the same types of messages and this one keeps coming to my attention over and over. This one comes from Carry Hart of Power…

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Everything Has a Purpose

Originally posted on Life Heart and Soul:
Everything has purpose Can you trust that everything, absolutely everything in life is in right order. Everything that happens around you is with purpose. Everything is in a harmonious dance of creation designed…

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The Power of the Path of Least Resistance

  There are always paths of least resistance.  For the goodness of life will always flow through those paths.  Notice the single flower blossoming in the crack of the sidewalk.  Goodness always flows through.  In these times of great resistance,  … Continue reading

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