Wisdom Writings~~ The Mind Keeps Going and Going and Going……

The practice of connection can bring great movement in one’s life.   Yet,  the tedious nature of connecting:  breathing, slowing down and shutting down the incessant mind chatter, can bring great resistance to the source of all that is.

Focusing on beauty, nature, love brings great joy to the surroundings called “you”,  and gives the mind a focus that it desires.   For much like your Eveready batteries, the mind keeps going and going and going.

Today, fill your mind with the focus of beauty,  and see it in all that your eyes can view. The beauty of nature is the place to start,  then begin to see beauty in those things that bring your greatest disconnection or resistance.  Look for the beauty in others.  Look for the beauty in tragedy.  Look for the beauty in that which you call death.

Truly you will see that which you set your focus upon.  Be not surprised if you suddenly see something that one second before was not visible.  For the intent of an open heart to see beauty will bring in a world not seen in the “common” view.  The view of love,  joy and beauty is indeed the yearning of many souls,  and this world is now ripe and ready to be seen.

Be courageous in the practice; yet allow the focus to always bring pleasure and joy.  Any angst or measurement of success can make it disappear like a puff of magic.  The mind may resist the “magic” mention and again bring the focus to the palatable “beauty” word and then witness the world with great delight.

We love you so deeply and encourage the daily connection to our source.   With great delight for the journey you call life……………….amen.

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3 Responses to Wisdom Writings~~ The Mind Keeps Going and Going and Going……

  1. jaraedesire says:

    I often find that my heart expands with the intent and mention of “beauty”. When I am out on my walks, I love focusing on being surrounded by beauty and love. However, the word “magic” does shut something down in me and I love how they just say to refocus on the “palatable” beauty word!


  2. Gabrielle says:

    I understand that ‘beauty’ is easier, but when you realise that nature responds to you – the birds may speak to you, or a butterfly land on your hand – it really feels like magic!


  3. jaraedesire says:

    Thanks Gabrielle……………that is beautiful.

    Just picked up a book today about magic. The author is a hypnotherapist and had resistance to the word, yet wanted it in her life. The book is called The Source……..I’m about 3 chapters into it and loving it!


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