Wisdom Writings~~The Exquisite Place of Fear

Blessed be the life of one who feels the connection, who feels the source of love flowing through them, around them and in them.

In the glorious joy of just one moment is the gift of all of life.  For fully breathing in the magic, the beauty, and the essence of all that is,  would break down all barriers of fear and worry.

Today the subject could be fear, for that is the topic on many minds at this time.  The fear of so many is becoming a predominate place of mind, and oh the exquisite place this is.   For much like the healing of a sore, the pus arises to the top and much can be done to bring full wellness.

We say now in the fear,  feel around it, squish it, play with it and  know that great wellness abounds as it gets released.  We ask you today to breathe deep, deep and deeper yet,  into any fear thoughts.  Indeed the definition of “fear” could be expanded.   The tightening, restricting and directing of one’s attention to fixing,  could all be categorized as fear.  Oh where, oh where to put your thoughts, your feelings, your attention?

Allow a higher perspective.   For if you must, imagine an “airplane” advantage.  Allow yourself to skydive into your limited perspective.  See the horizons.  See the blessed landscape.  See the unlimited sky brilliant with the blue color of life abounding.

For indeed life is rich, abundant and abounding with the gloriousness of grace.  So today dear ones, breathe deep, deep, deep and deeper still into any fear, any restriction; raising yourself up like a hot air balloon with each breath.  Begin to allow the grace of all of life into your life, into your thoughts, into your perspective of all that is.

We love you deeply and revel in your breathing, as your journey to grace is on its way……….amen.

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4 Responses to Wisdom Writings~~The Exquisite Place of Fear

  1. jaraedesire says:

    I’ve been practicing breathing deep and counting down from 300 on each out breath……somedays I don’t even make it to 290 without losing my train of thought and my breath!! I’m gonna look up the significance of the color blue too!


  2. heartlightdg says:

    I love how your wisdom writings are expanding and flowing. They are wonderful.
    My first reaction to fear=pus and playing in it was….euwwww! LOL. Then yes, of course. Taking the airplane view always works and settles me down.


  3. janet says:

    I agree…….the fear/pus thing was euwwww for me too! Then I laughed at their sense of humor……..I did look up “blue” and it is for bringing in a higher perspective and healing communication.


  4. Gabrielle says:

    Another wonderful writing Janet, thank you!Something I used to do was to spiritually ‘jump’ high up into the blue sky. It’s enormously freeing – I used to do somersaults and fly like a bird! Fear? what’s that? 🙂


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