Wisdom Writings~~An Orgasm for the World

The grounding nature of deep pleasure is of utmost importance in the journey of women.  The pleasure connection is the primal energy of all women and will release a wave of energy much like an orgasm which will be felt as invigoration, relaxation and the delicious energy of all that life can be.

The importance of this pleasure is ready to be realized and experienced by many.  As the one with the pen, the urging of this release is now.  Notice the many moments that quips of pleasure can be felt,  for indeed it can only be “felt”.   The inundation of thought mastery will not cross the bridge to pleasure. Only the body is on this path.

Enjoy the body.  Enjoy the senses.  Enjoy the pleasure, for truly this is the most basic tenet in receiving.  The world is now ready for receiving and pleasure.  For much is ready to come in and much is ready to be felt by many.  So today,  gloriously indulge in pleasure:  touch, taste, feel, see, hear and imbibe all that brings that irrepressible smile to your face and tingle to your insides.

We love you.  We applaud you.  We know the sparkly journey ahead…………amen.

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6 Responses to Wisdom Writings~~An Orgasm for the World

  1. jaraedesire says:

    Wow…….I had to take a deep breath before I hit “publish” on this one! The message is clear and does make me a little giddy. I liked the phrase “quips of pleasure”……..I had to look it up. It means spontaneous and curious moments. I had a vulnerable experience this weekend and dealt with the “death” of feeling pleasure with my body as a woman in menopause. My husband loved me right through it and I really saw that a shift in my perspective could bring a new aliveness to my body and life. Even though the “pleasure” mentioned in the Wisdom Writing is all encompassing, I am still hearing its “root” is truly in our desire………ok ladies this one could be fun!!!


  2. You are the pen of pleasure!


  3. heartlightdg says:

    oh my lol your guides are plain spoken! love it!
    funny part is I just wrote in my own blog about being present, how most are so out of touch with their life and that being in the body is the best way to do that….feeling, smelling, seeing, using the senses puts you in the body, in the moment, and present in your life. I can see where this message is leading us too. Give yourself permission to feel it!


  4. janet says:

    I heard a comment once that said a pleasureable life begins with the admission that a pleasureable life is important……….our bodies are hungry 🙂


  5. Gabrielle says:

    Well……..I’m all for it! 🙂 What else is there to say? Thanks Janet!


  6. Gabrielle says:

    Just one other thing…..There is rebirth after death Janet, so don’t let it worry you. The menopause is just a temporary glitch and if my own experienecs are anything to go by, once you’re past that stage, things will be better than before!


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