Healing the Emotional Ice

The “life” of life is often overlooked. The life of a flower, tree, squirrel, ocean is teeming with life, teeming with an “allness”, an abundance of life. This inherent wisdom is continuous and not needed to manage, plan, write goals etc. Perhaps you are that too.

For we enjoy the input of your desire and wishes; yet, the urgency of fixing is not a vibration that creates the desired component. We say to expand into a known place, a place of “allness” and connection. Being in nature and appreciating nature can get you there.

Indeed we hear your request for the analogy of ice, of this freezing of moments in life. Better said, freezing of emotions in time. Emotions and moments of fear, terror, worry, sadness, embarrassment all get stored in the body, if not cleared. Indeed the storage over time feels frozen in the body–a way to preserve, to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

We say this process(the freezing and the melting) is essential to realizing who you are. For in the courageous journey to heal, then do you bring the warmth of love to those frozen pockets of emotion; and indeed they float to the the top to be released. Hence, when healing like this begins, one often “feels” worse; not realizing the glory of the warmth of love for oneself is releasing these frozen emotions…allowing in more love, joy, discovery and creativity.

You and many others are on this healing journey as a collective…chosen at this time. Now breathe with love into any discord in your body and free the mind of any ideas that it “shouldn’t be”; for that very thought refreezes the emotion. The ice is ready to be released and replaced with the trueness of you.

We say declare the journey to be filled with something new, with a delight for discovery. This journey is delightful. Start the trend and melt the ice.

We love you…deeply.

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4 Responses to Healing the Emotional Ice

  1. lorian ics-partners.com says:

    Perfect, makes a lot of sense emotions frozen in the body, it actually feels that way. Knowing will help catch the negative thoughts, allowing them to melt away. I release and let go, allowing my body to recover and receive all the love.

    Lorian 520 237-6525

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  2. Anne says:

    Love this metaphor!

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