The Gift of the Butterfly

The floating of the butterfly is a gift for you today.  The ease and gentleness is always the message that is in you, is part of you and is here to gift you.  For in your environment are an abundance of blessings to reflect your true nature.  The strength of trees; the productivity of bees; the beauty of a flower; the expansiveness of clouds and their infinite shapes.

We send you all of this; yet, many of you forgot the language of the universe.  The universal language of vibration; of one; of all that is. 

We send you great love and urge the breath of that which will facilitate the greatest healing and expansion at this time.   Breathe deep, dear one as you hear from so many sources.  Allow the deep, deep breath and feel the expansion.  For it too is in the language of all that is.  

Your texts of love are a great practice for learning the language of all that is.  You can tell by the love, joy and creativity that abounds in and around you and others who play with you. 

Enjoy playing and discovering and experimenting with the language of all that is. Be prepared for your senses to grow and be delighted in new ways.  You will see, hear, smell and feel in new ways and be delighted by this expansion.  

Please continue to connect as we have many messages to share with you. 

janet’s message: I visited with my sister-in-law today and she wept as she told me how the live Wisdom Writings I did in 2020 were a saving grace for her. They guided her through that dark night of the soul time in her life. We both wept. I will write, post, video, share if it benefits one life!!!!

When she left, I grabbed my journal and went outside to my butterfly garden. In Asheville, August is butterfly season…..who knew???? The wisdom, the words came quickly and I felt like my soul said “ahhhhhhh thank you”.

I love the message of a universal language that heightens our senses…….enjoy new sounds, new smells, new delightful touches. I will be back live soon…… soul is calling.

Much, much love to all.

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