A Crack in the Sidewalk

Oh Dear One, we hear you. We see you. We are always with you.

Indeed the “forgotten” feeling is a low-density emotion and vibration that will always act as a detour, a blockage to the glory of our connection; to the glory of who you really are.

We say the exercise of clearing emotions is so valuable; as those low-density vibrations and emotions settle into the body and indeed these are there to feel, express and clear. For many of you have stored emotions from many, many years, decades, lifetimes. You can now release them and be not afraid of them.

close up, purple flower growing on crack street background.

For listening to the fear is like putting cement icing on the cake. Oh indeed you can still release, but the depth required to crack the cement is a true endeavor of the soul’s grace. Yet be reminded as you see a flower springing forth from the crack in the sidewalk that your soul is here to bloom and will bloom even with the tiniest of cracks in the veneer of fear, of old emotions.

This is the journey for so many at this time. We urge you to celebrate even the tiniest of emotions felt, expressed and honored. Release this not to “blast” another but to release and allow the blooms deep within you to come forth.

For the time is now and we urge the sharing and loving of this part of the journey.

In deep appreciation.

janet’s note:

Releasing emotions…..that has been my focus for about a month now. Interesting to experience them in my body with all the “feels” that are there and yet to NOT experience them not AS ME…..like as my identity. Almost like releasing them, feeling them, acknowledging them is bringing out a tender observer within me.

The “forgotten” feeling mentioned in the second paragraph was a vibration, a pattern, an emotion held in me that was completely blind to me. So big to let it go and to share it with you.

My dear, beautiful, courageous and loving readers……thank you for being on this journey with me and as always…….I am here for you if you want to be heard, seen and known for your courage on the path to allowing the fullest expression of your soul’s journey and gifts!!! We are all in this together šŸ™‚

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2 Responses to A Crack in the Sidewalk

  1. Anne Harman says:

    Beautifully and courageously shared, dear friend, thank you for who you are for all of us!

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  2. lorian ics-partners.com says:

    This is so beautiful, just what I needed to hear. I leave in a week and a half to my Mom’s and all sorts of emotions are coming up. Nice to have permission to acknowledge and remember to let them go.

    I love you!!

    Lorian & John Roethlein Founding Managers Payson Farmer’s Market, LLC http://www.PaysonFarmersMarket.comhttp://www.paysonfarmersmarket.com/ 520-237-6525 cell/text

    Follow the ” Payson Farmers Markethttps://www.facebook.com/PaysonFarmersMarket/” on FaceBook

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