Wisdom Writings~~The truest self

Our message today has the hint of pleasure, joy, magic and love as those are the  most on your mind.  We see the qualities within you at all times and releasing the veil to allow for the fullest realization can be so invigorating for you and so many.

Release the need to fret, worry and fear just this day and ask yourself what would happen today if I did not worry, fret or fear?  Allow yourself this indulgence and step into the life of joy and pleasure fully–no baby steps, no dipping toes.  Allow yourself to fully feel joy, pleasure and love and watch how many others will wish to join you.

Prepare the home for an exquisite, breathtaking, beautiful ride.  Allow the home to become one that fills the senses of pleasure and joy.  See the beauty all around you.  Imagine living in beauty 24/7 and imagine the singing of your soul as it gets to experience its truest self.

Oh indeed the ability to experience one’s truest self is the journey for many and yet the need to experience “not that” seems to be so daily.  So now allow the soul its truest expression and the singing of its name is the greatest gift to give.

Forgive all moments of “not that” and indeed make them no big deal.  Keep your eye on the prize as you say and relish the life that is joyful, loving, pleasurable and filled with ease for in this life is the enlightenment you seek.  In this life is the realization of one’s truest self.  In this life is all that there is and ever was.

Today indeed is for you, for all of you and know it is so…………….amen.

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6 Responses to Wisdom Writings~~The truest self

  1. Lara Hanson says:

    I love that you are writing again Janet. It has been a missing for me to not have your unique expression present in my life on a regular basis. Looking forward to more! 🙂


  2. Joan Vann says:

    Good to see you back online!

    Blessings for a wonderful return and Holiday Season!



  3. Gina Murphy-Darling says:

    Thank you and blessings!


  4. ZenMomma says:

    Our world reflects what we put into it. Thank you for your writings again, Janet. You provided a little “extra sweet” to fill my cup today. Blessings to you and all who adjourn here. Love, Lynda


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