Wisdom Writings~~Web of Love

It is our great pleasure to connect with you and send you our messages of love and life.

As you enter into this phase of growth that requires the deepest levels of trust yet, the connection of love with others will create a web that will allow for the growth that you seek.  The web of love is crystalline and filled with the greatest energy of “one” that can be for all.  Enjoy this web and know it is for you–for all of you.    The bigger it grows the greater life can be experienced in these times of the great unknown.

Bless all that you see today.  Bless the moment even when it seems that no need to bless is apparent.  Blessing all creates an opening much like a garage door and less like a window.  Much more can come in through this opening for truly all is a blessing.   Yet,  the challenge to change one’s perspective is often greater than just accepting the truth:  All is a blessing.

Be not attached to one’s view,  for that attachment can be as limiting as the closed mind, even if the view is couched in openness.  Indeed we are asking to fully live a life in the unknown and the shift from fear to loving the unknown is upon us all;  hence the great creation of the web of love.  Many can see the web as they read these words; others will feel it.

And now today express your love openly, fully and add to this “light” connection of this web of love.  You will be so pleased by life as that is all life wishes to do:  Please you.

Enjoy.  Be at Peace and Love today.  Love fully.  Love openly and love deeply…………….amen.

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