Wisdom Writings~~Allow, allow, allow

Dear one, we see your visions of us and ask that you allow for more “not knowing”.  For in the seeking of answers the cutting off of grand energies is happening.
Begin your days with the clearing of the knowing and become open; open to love, open to joy, open to beauty, open to life.  Accept all that comes to you.  Yes, again, we say bless all that comes to you and do not go into “figure it out” mode.  Just bless all.  This is a heart motion and the “figure it out” mode is a head function.  For in the unknown is the heart mode time.  Allowing the greatest opening of the heart even when the head understands not is the practice for you.
Encompass your heart with radiant love allowing it all out.  Imagine how far your love can radiate out and then dear one, comes our favorite  part. Now radiate all that love back into your heart.  The love from everyone it touches, the love from the trees, the sky, the birds, the animals, the flowers–all of it.  Expand yourself to receive all of it; for you are all of it.  Yes, yes, remember to breathe.  Breathe deep, breathe fully and allow, allow, allow a love as you can remember yet have not experienced in this body, in this life, in this part of the journey.
We feel your joy and share the giddy feelings of pleasure that surround you.  It is truly a treasure to watch you play in your life.  Much more fun than watching you work.
Expand and accept.  Expand and accept.  Listen to your heart and follow the light of your heart wherever it leads.  Trust that light, as you merrily skip along the path of love.
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3 Responses to Wisdom Writings~~Allow, allow, allow

  1. Kelley Waltrip says:

    Amazing Janet!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE reading them, thank you so much for continuing to grow and share yourself w/ the world. I love you, Kelley


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