Wisdom Writings~~The Spirit of forgiveness is upon us

We hear your prayers and the questions for which you are seeking many answers.  Know not the answers and be not in search of them, for in the searching much pleasure is lost.

Experiencing the moments of the finest essences are like developing a palate.  Your palate can develop into the finest of all life has to offer.  One must be willing to receive, taste, enjoy and be deeply appreciative of life and its many subtle nuances.  You are like a detective in search of the finest, subtlest flavors, essences and joys.  Be thrilled with your discoveries and suddenly the passing of time, worry and fear will be noticeably gone as a daily activity to attend to.

The spirit of forgiveness is upon us all now and this energy has more aliveness than can be imagined.  Many parts of the body/mind cannot come to life till the fullest expressions of forgiveness are felt in the heart.  Look fully and again, like a detective, find these hidden clues where forgiveness has been locked away.  Look in the recesses of depression, anger, sadness, and even boredom.  Look with an open heart at one’s self as well as those that were written off long ago.  It is the time of forgiveness and watch as new energies, new thoughts, new openings, new opportunities begin trickling and eventually flooding into your life.

Oh if you only knew who you are–the most beloved ones ever to be on earth at this time–held with such love, attention and blissful joy.  We endear our greatest amount of love to you and even if for a glimpse you can feel it, see it, hear it, then it is yours and has been yours now and forever

Dance today.  Lift your feet, your soul, your eyes, your hands and dance.  Dance to all life has to offer.  Dance to love.  Dance to sorrow.  Dance to pain.  Dance to joy.  Dance to all life brings and soon you will be singing the angelic hymns, knowing all is for all.  All is one.

Be at peace.  Be alive and “live” today…………amen

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