Wisdom Writings~~Peace and a New Light

Dear one, there is no need to fear dying or death, as you will see it is impossible.  The fullness of love, joy and connection is always there waiting.  The sadness of a heart can be opened into love with just a subtle shift of perspective.  No need to force a shift as just being open or willing can create a shift that brings more magic and aliveness than ever believed.

In this day, we offer you much peace.  Radiate out the peace of all that is within you.  The peace of trusting.  The peace of love.  The peace of nature.  The peace of feeling connected are gifts for you and for all today.

For just today focus on peace both within and peace on the outside of you.  Peace has a healing energy that can be vast, expansive and spontaneous.  As the peace fills you, it can heal all as well. Indeed the world as peaceful could bring instant healing and even peace in the smallest, remote places can bring peace to many.  For remember, all is all and oneness abounds.

The movie* will be a good message for many and though known by many, the message will go a deeper level and be creative for the world.  If you want to be a part, say yes.  The choice is yours.

Emergence of a new light is becoming more evident and the light within will attract this new light.  Continue with the work of “no work”.  Be at peace with life as pleasure, joy and love as your work.  For the real purpose of life is soon to be realized and the ecstasy of life is ready to be lived.

Again,  be at peace today.  Dear ones, feel it deep within.  Trust it.  Breathe it.  Experience it and know it is who you are.

We send much love, much peace and always joy for life…………amen

*(janet’s note: The movie referred to is called I Am and I just recently heard about it.  I wasn’t sure if I was to do anything more than be interested in seeing it, so I asked for guidance before I started the writing today.  www.iamthedoc.com)


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