Wisdom Writings~~The Source of a Magical Life

We are pleased with the journey of your soul.  You will be pleased with the course of events soon to come.

Be at peace with the body, and know the body is connected to the soul’s purpose.  It is exquisite in its role to bring the greatest love and joy into one’s life.  So many feel pain; yet often that is the path to trust, love and joy.

*Splendid mornings filled with colorful skies are always our way of saying “wake up” to beauty.  We bless you with far greater brilliance than you ever see for yourself.   This day, see the brilliant and beautiful in all.  Look in the eyes of those that you love and see their brilliance and beauty, for in the seeing and recognition does it come alive and effervesce in one’s life.

As the amount of love, beauty and joy rises in so many, so will the world begin to make many “magical” like changes that will be unexplainable in your reality.  Enjoy the “magical” moments and know deep within that the source is with the love, joy and beauty that you endeavor to feel and experience as your daily “work”.  Oh such a job………did you know it even existed?

Prepare for a new level of life and in this preparation does the heart expand and the mind quiets itself.  When the heart is open and the mind still, can we bring in the thinking that will allow for this new life.  The thinking comes from us dear one,  and the thoughts will not be of your world.  They will be creative and nonsensical and yes, the choice is always yours  on actions to take.  The action of being “vulnerably guided” has served you well and we ask that you consider keeping that theme.

Our time is precious as we know our connection is as well.  We honor, love and praise the work you are doing.  Know that the hearts of love that surround all, if seen, would bring a never-ending smile and glow to you.  Breathing in such love and embodying it is a delight for all.

Enjoy the day.  Bless the day.  Live the day.  Love the day.

Love, love, love then breathe deep and love some more.

In peace…………….amen

*(janet’s note:  I witnessed the most beautiful sunrise this morning filled with pink, orange and turquoise colors that made me stop my morning activity)

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