Wisdom Writings~~”Seeing” life with new eyes!

Dear one we are with you now and always.  It is our great pleasure to send you messages of love, joy, beauty and pleasure.  Continue the writing and be open to new ways of sharing these messages with others.  We are ready for more to connect with this form of connection.

In the days of celebration, the focus on peace and love can often dwindle.  We ask you to keep that energy of peace, love and oneness ever present in the hustle and bustle this time of year.   Remember, dear one, the celebration is one of joy and love,  and a love that is ever-present, ever-encompassing, and ever-connected.  All one must do is open; open the heart and receive.  Truly this is all that life is for ………..opening and receiving.

Bring your joyous and happy soul to all that comes across you this day.  Often the one who solves, researches and figures it out will jump in.  This day,  just be joyous and happy no matter what it “might” look like.  For truly your ability to see is broken down and petrified and new eyes can allow for the grand message. This is much like your ability to be still and listen.

Oh yes, all your senses can be viewed as a source of connection, yet the use of them is archaic at times.  You know not the brilliance of life that can be internalized and seen by the masterful ones.

For now, adjust your eyes.  Release what you think you see and ask for new eyes, new vision, new openings in the way your eyes see light.  Be at peace and be pleased with all or nothing that happens.

Rejoice for your connection.  Embrace the love that comes to you each and every day.  We love you deeply, fully and without any set motive for you.  Indeed you can remember  and live that depth of love.

In love, in joy, in beauty, in peace we send our words today…………….amen

(janet’s note:  I love the message of having “new” eyes and training them to see newly just like I have been training myself to hear the deeper wisdom from within.)

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