Wisdom Writings~~Wonder and Awe: The code for the treasure

We are happy that you find us deep in your body, for the grounding of your energy is why you are on the earth.  The grounding is very important in your journey time.   As you walk, feel the earth below your feet.  Allow the deepest connection from within to the ground,  as the higher connections are already strong and need to be brought deeper to make the energy in the changes that you seek.  Feeling heavy but light is often the feeling.

Bring wonder and awe to your days and in the wondering, do not seek an answer.  Just wonder with open, innocent, child-like curiosity and then let it be.  The open state is filled with so many opportunities and so much can come in that state.  Be open with a smile of wonder and watch the magic that comes into your days.

Sleep can now bring new visions and ideas.  Allow your dream time to be restful and connected.  Surrender your sleep to the highest dreams possible and again with an open smile of wonder and awe, close your eyes and drift to the dream time.   No need to remember, effort or work here.  Remember this is the time of the Great Unknown and the releasing of the mind with the opening of the heart is all you are to do now.  Trusting, trusting, trusting merrily along.

Once the dream has entered your consciousness, it is there and can be retrieved when the time is right.  As the relaxation, wonder and trust of life grows, it becomes the code that can release many forms of consciousness that have not been released.  Oh dear one,  the treasure chest is full and we are thrilled for you, much like a parent at Christmas.

Be well.  Be happy.  Sleep well.  Dream well and love with all your heart…………..amen

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