Wisdom Writings~~Beseech the New World

The beauty of the sky and its brilliant blue is a gift for you everyday.  The recognition of beauty, grace, joy, love and ease is the gift you give to us, others and yourself.  Recognizing all that is beautiful in life is a trait with extraordinary mastery and we applaud the many times that the focus from worry, fear and control is then turned to beauty and pleasure.  Many blessings abound in those moments.

Be not the manager of other’s lives and truly be kind to one’s self in those times of discord and regret.  Blessing and forgiving one’s self seemingly could be selfish/narcissistic yet when all is “one”,  it is truly impossible to bless and forgive one’s self without affecting the “one” and all.

Bring love, joy and peace to the day knowing that as you seek it out, it seeks for you.  Much is awaiting your earnest beseeching.  Again we speak of many treasures waiting for you and ready for you.  Time for your treasure hunt to begin.  The map is one filled with love, joy and pleasure.  The days of worry, fear and distress can truly be a world of the past.

Beseech the new world.  Open the heart.  Rekindle your joy and illuminate the beauty of the world that is everywhere and within all.

We love you.  We bless you and we dance with joy in our loving connection……………..amen

(janet’s note:  I had to look up the word beseech as I never use that word………..the energy of the writing was just beautiful today and the images of the treasure that awaits us felt very real and close)

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