Wisdom Writings~~Say “Yes” to the Great Unknown

The opening of the mind is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.  By opening the mind we can bring the thinking of the day to the “lightest” levels.  Notice the new thoughts, the creative moments, the spontaneous actions that we invite you to take part in.

Saying “yes” would lead you on a journey of which you barely dream about.  So dream, dear one, and say “yes”.  Enter into the Great Unknown with your open mind, waiting for it to be filled with all the splendor that you imagine.  Wait not with fear, dread, worry or concern.  Wait with joy, glee, pleasure and love.  Indeed no monitoring to see if it’s working, for that is just worry disguised as being smart–no smart, just worry.

Stay in the love, joy and pleasure of the day with that open mind and watch the creative thoughts.  Follow the spontaneous turn and go with it.  For truly life can begin anew each day and that is the gift of life.

Live, live, live and enjoy!

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2 Responses to Wisdom Writings~~Say “Yes” to the Great Unknown

  1. faithdream says:

    Great words of wisdom & encouragement.


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