Wisdom Writings~~Breath-taking Beauty

Stunning beauty can be breath-taking, yet allow the self to breathe in the beauty.  Allow the self to accept the beauty. Allow the self to feel the “one” of the beauty inside.  Know that we see you as beautiful as breath-taking.

Focusing in on the wisdom within is the practice of mastery for you.  The quieting of the mind can be good.  Yet the focus of the listening when the outside is hectic is the next level of truly knowing who you are and how deep our connection is.

For in life, to be peaceful, joyful, loving no matter what is happening around you,  is the task you seek.  Indeed, then all of life is for you to experience in a truly “real” way.  The peace and certainty of peace, love and joy for all of life is one that brings a breath of fresh air to life.  We think you call it freedom; though freedom is yours everyday and every minute, yet few truly do experience it.

We do urge the spontaneous of all actions.  The  journey of spontaneous action can bring new possibilities, new worlds, new realities much quicker to you.  No need to be intense or fearful of not taking the spontaneous journey,  for we know all is well and all is always well.

Yes,  the acceptance and loving of all that is can be an extraordinary experience both to receive and give.  You see they are one and the same.  We are always sending love and acceptance and now the opening to receive can grow and grow letting that love and acceptance fill all of you–toes, fingers and top of head–filling, filling, filling.

This glorious day belongs to you and celebrate all that you see, receive and feel today.

In love, always…………………amen.

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