Wisdom Writing~~ Go Slow and Savor!

The fear in your body is an element to love and release.  Releasing fear can often come when the body breaks down, yet the fear of the body breaking down can often neutralize the benefit.   Surrender and trust are the mantra words for you.  As the soul seeks the surrender,  it truly knows the blessings,  gifts and pleasures to come when the old way is released.

For now, go slow in your days.  Walk slow.  Drive slow.  Talk slow.  Eat slow.  Type slow…..all slow.   The slowing will provide a new energy in the body.  We know you will be pleased by this.  For truly, there is no need to rush, hurry or make something happen.  Feel the increase in time and space as you slow down.

The blue sky will beckon you to appreciate all that life has to offer.  Heed the beckoning.  Again, go slow in the gratitude and truly take time to appreciate every nuance that you see, feel, hear and taste.  Savor, savor, savor all that is called life.

Our message can bring the world you truly believe in yet don’t live in.  Open the door and walk in to the life that is always here for you.

With love, deep love…………….amen

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