Wisdom Writing~~Rooted by the Soul

The seat of the soul can ground you and bring a new view to life.  The “heavy” feel of the soul in the root of the body,  can bring a balance to the light “headedness” that often is engaged.  Be rooted with your energy; hence the walking slow and moving slow.  It will bring a balance to your body that will send it into a deep pleasureful state.  Perfect for the holiday season.  Go slow and feel balanced from your soul.

The message for all is attune to the “light”.  The “light” can be “light”hearted or it can be “light” as in beauty, splendor and a vision.  Attune to all of it.  Embrace the “light”hearted moments.  Breathe them in and accept the gifts they offer.  Also, go to the beautiful “lights” and embrace their gifts as well.  Breathe them in and relish the eyesight you have.

We have so much beauty to bring to your earth and we can bring it only through you and others that are open to these new beauties.  For in the evolution of the collective souls’ consciousness, the desire for beauty abounds; yet can be seen as frivolous in these times of those with great despair.

Bring forth the beauty and watch the meeting of the despair.  Watch the opening of a heart and the creativity of the mind.  Be one with all that happens, trusting each and every response as that which will bring pleasure to the body and satisfaction to the soul.

Reward the self with all movement, be it little, barely or wide enough to create a gap.  Reward yourself with love, love and more love.  Let it in.  Ask for it.  Give it.  Feel it and breathe it, for all is for you and for all.

Enjoy this magical season and dive into the unknown world of beauty, splendor and grace.  We love you always and deeply………………..amen

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