Wisdom Writings~~Just say Yes

The time for release and surrender is upon you.   The fear or need to control is the aspect to be released.  Truly let go.  Imagine if you weren’t around what would then happen?  Imagine if only love was around what would be possible?  Imagine if only pleasure was around, what would that be like?  If you cannot imagine these things, then there is a revealing picture of your  limits in life.  How much  can you receive or allow?

So for now, love the limit you see and ask it what it needs to be set free, for you no longer need its protection.

You are a free, loving, beautiful soul ready to feel the life that is free and beautiful, filled with love.  The time is now for you and allow in as much support as possible.  Ask for love.   Ask for support.  Release all control and see a grand new picture here.

We often love to work out the details in ways that bring great surprise and delight; though the thinking of control, worry and fear is the biggest “not now” signal that we get.  Indeed we will not impose our delight into your “not now” thinking.

We love you and offer no hurry, rush or “now or never” message–just a window for you.  Many other windows will come.

Be at peace with surrender or not…….all is well.  All is always well.  Much love…………Amen

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