Wisdom Writing~~ The season of magic is here

This season is one of love, magic and joy. Seeing with those eyes often can be the essence of the season.  For truly the season of magic is upon you.  Remember with magic,  is that amazing “oh my” moment with the thought of “How did he do that?”  Remember, dear one figuring it out takes away magic.

In the day, keep your focus on joy and see if you can feel it in your body.  See if you see it all around you.  Let it seep into you wherever it may be.  Joy, joy and lots of joy. Play the joyful music.  Sing the joyful songs.  You will be pleased with the energy that joy brings.

Hold your head up and keep your gaze up.  Keep the corners of your mouth up.  All up and feel the energy within shift up as well.  Yes, you can still stay grounded and be filled with this joyous energy.

Be at peace knowing all is well and much is working in your favor. Keep the  yes, yes, yes to life and indeed you can become a “yes (wo)man”………for in this you will be pleased.

Just say yes to all that life brings even if for five minutes, five seconds or five days.  Just say yes to all of it.  Feel the weight and burden of “no” lift from you and enjoy.

Remember to express your deepest feeling of love and be not afraid to be vulnerable with your love.  It, too, is the essence of your soul.

So for now dear one, remember that in your soul you are love, joy and peace;  fully at ease, trusting the magic of life and playfully excited for the unknown.  Play and enjoy…….amen.

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