Wisdom Writing~~ A “Magical Kingdom” life

Listening to our messages is bringing forth a new energy in you.  Soon an old energy will be leaving your body.  Be not afraid and let it be cause for celebration and exultation.   All in this world is for the pleasure of your body and the satisfaction of your soul.

We bring great love and great joy in our message today.  We ask that you breathe in all that we send your way.

Living a life of intuition, creativity and spontaneity will bring forth a new world and yet the planning, strategizing and intelligent thinking did bring you to this jumping point.  Embrace it all and jump.  A life of spontaneity will bring adventure, trust, and the witnessing of a life full of life–natural, flowing and forever unfolding.

Be pleased with all that comes your way for indeed that is the way to trust and surrender.  The letting go of all expectations, shoulds, and past ways of relating to one’s self has an innocent freedom that pleases the soul.  Continue the admiring of nature.  Connect often and see the nuance of beauty, splendor and perfection much like a museum painting full of color and beauty and painted with the creative intention of love.

All is brought to you in love.  All is for you and all will always be for you.  Enjoy the magical season and feel free to count the magic moments–much like Disneyland for children.  Think we do not offer the same magical moments to adults?  Enjoy your own magical kingdom sweet princess……….enjoy!

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