Wisdom Writing~~The seeds of a Magical Kingdom Life

We send our messages with love and ask that the trusting of life continue.  There is great soul work that is happening now and the trusting will open into a life that was not previously open.

Enjoy the moment and relish the peace, beauty and love that is always surrounding you.

The outcome of events is less important than the aspects of one’s soul that come alive during the events.  Allow new aspects to come into the light and know that they can now become part of your milieu.

Rest while you can and enjoy the calming effects in the body.  The time for movement and action will come soon.   Enjoy the many out of the blue moments in store for you, as we delight in those moments.  Indeed they look like sparkling stars to us.

Your magical kingdom life can bring a greater good to all of life.   We ask that you breathe in the momentous times that you glimpse, feel and experience that life.  The energy of this type of life is ready to be in your world and we now know that planting the seed in you is in fertile soil.  Allow the greater good for all to come through you and enjoy; though this is not only for you;  for now it comes through you.

You may begin to attract more interested in the magical kingdom life and much like fruit on a tree, nurture them and watch the tree become abundant and ripe.  Oh the sweet taste of the fruit…….the beautiful colors in the tree…………… the natural growth…………… are all symbolic of the future magical kingdom life.

Enjoy as much love as your heart can breathe in and when full; breathe in more. Be at peace today for the angels are singing and love is rejoicing,  for all goodness is coming to be………….amen

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