Wisdom Writing~~ Be in the flow; go slow

On this day of great anticipation, focus on your breathing and bring it fully down into your body.  Be aware of the energy coming down and grounding you.

Indeed going slow today will add a sense of delight and magic to the day.  The flow operates in that calm, gently moving energy so when the chaotic energy takes over, you enter a different reality.  Keep yourself in the flow–go slow.  All is well.  All is always well.

Be patient with the results today and be listening keenly to us as you go through the day.  There is much guidance, brilliance and gifts for the soul today and be at peace with the unknown.   Find the pleasure moment to moment for the ending will be a doozy.

Forgive yourself again and again and again.  This is a practice with no end.  The forgiving can be a source of light and love and will re-awaken the depths of your love much like breathing exercises awaken the depths of your capacity for air.

We bless you with all the glorious dreams that dance in and around you.  The sitting still, being happy and trusting fully will allow the dreams to settle down into the energy of reality formation.

We send great love and joy today.  Connect as often as you like, knowing that we are always here…….forever here…………forever near……………amen.

Janet’s note:  My list is long today for errands to run so the guidance of going slow is good for me.  Also my husband will be getting some test results for his health and I have been anticipating them to be the worst case possible!   Great message of love, calm and peace today!

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