Wisdom Writing~~What’s at the top of your list?

Today we send you much love and surround you fully.   Often the celebration of magic brings the greatest challenge to so many.  Yet it also brings the greatest love that many can feel at one time together.

Focus on love today–all love, only love.  Open, open, open the heart.  Just open. That is all there is to do today.  We sense the long list and at the top of the list is be open-hearted with love fully surrounding you and giving your breath the gift of life.

Enjoy the magical kingdom life through the beauty that surrounds you.  Take notice of trees, flowers, sky, colors, smiles–all the beautiful landscapes are here for your delight.  So today be delighted with beauty.  Be delighted with love.  Be delighted with the smallest of touches to the grandest of gestures.  Be delighted with it all.

Indeed continue with going slow, especially in the packing process.  Pack with ease and grace.  Slowing will bring a new experience to the act of packing.  Be aware of creative thoughts and take note,  for we can bring the most brilliant of creativity to you at any time. When the body is slow, happy and delighted much more is allowed to become part of you.

Enjoy these gifts and truly revel in the life you live!

Blessed Be……………amen

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