Wisdom Writings~~Evolution can not “not” happen

We are here.  We are always here.   We welcome the connection to the pen, as our message can bring so many ideas for love and life to so many.  We love the urgency of listening to our message that you often bring.  Continue with the listening and writing as this year progresses into new arenas for you.  This practice is an important part of your journey and with this will come great smiles, laughter and joy.

The message for Tom today is one of peace.   In the journey of life, the perspective of one’s view is often the only limiting factor of life and the review of life may bring many glimpses into one’s view.  Be at peace with certainty that the evolution can not “not” happen.   Just as the flower pushes through the crack in the concrete, so will the greatest expression of your soul push through.  No need to effort, strain, or endeavor for hardness.  Be at peace, dear one, and in the relaxed state the ideas of the soul can be heard.

The message for you today is one of review.  Review the areas where the impenetrable still is happening.  Allow in love in areas where there is numb or pain.  Just allow it in.  Though these areas can be masked in anger too.  Find them and become open, open, open. The calming beauty of life will prevail.  For indeed tears may flow; yet for us the tears are the best part of being in a human body.  That release is a blessing that you will miss in times of no “body”.

Cleanse the mind.  Cleanse the heart and be freshly open to deeper love and emotion than ever before.  This is a gift for all who can trust the depth of the “feel”.

We bless you this day as always.  We ask tht you bring a benevolent feel for the actions of your soul and the connection to all of life.  For indeed you are one with all that is glorious, beautiful, graceful and loving.  We are so filled with joy in this day.

Rejoice in the glory of the day today and always…………..amen.

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