Wisdom Writings~~The Elegant Waltz of Life

The breathing of air can be the simplest; yet the task of the greatest significance to life.  So today breathe with delight.  Breathe with love.  Be thankful with deep gratitude for breath that allows the fullness of life to be you.

Encourage the healing of your mind-thoughts.  Love all that is there while you empty the trash of your mind-thoughts; allowing a new receptacle for your magical kingdom life.

The “year” as you call it will be one of grace and ease as you learn to ride the wave. Resist not a thing that comes your way and restriction will be your sign of resistance.  Once again breathe fully, deeply and with great gratitude, dissolving any resistance to “as it is”.

Watch the ease that  sets in and the dance of life will become the most elegant waltz.  You will feel as if you are floating and enjoy!   It is truly what life can be.  For every  Master knows that resisting “as it is” is futile,  yet tells Divine plan, “I know better, so stay away.”  Divine plan will often stay away with the energy of “no”, “fear” or “worry”.  So say “yes” and allow Divine plan to bring its divinity, beauty, grace and abundance to your life.

Open your heart to all.  Say “yes” to all and enjoy the ride into your life of love.

The graciousness of gratitude has the stroke of creative genius that you seek, so for today, be grateful for all:  All that you like, all that you don’t like, all that you notice, and all that is as yet invisible to you.  Be grateful for it all.

In peace, in love and in deep appreciation for our connection……………amen

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