Wisdom Writings~~The Winds of Change

You need not worry that one day you won’t hear from us, for we are always with you, always here.  Our connection is strong.

The wind can blow and clear away all the dead leaves of a tree, then in the cycle of nature, new growth will always come.  Allow the clearing process of the “dead leaves” in your life.  Resist not the winds of change for they are always bringing new growth, new life, new love, and new ideas all for the pleasure of your body and the satisfaction of your soul.

The million dollar life is one that eludes you; yet is on track right next to you.  The expansion of growth through the winds of change is just for you.  Yes it is up to you to bless it all and be ever so grateful for all events that come your way.  Truly life is blessed and letting go to ride the greatest wave will be exhilarating and fun.

Create the year with pictures if you like.  Find pictures that elicit the emotions and qualities that your soul is so ready to feel–love, trust, delight, connection and peace.

Your creativity will reach a new pinnacle this year.  The time in nature will be of great value for you.  Continue the walks and you may even get openings for other times in nature .  Say yes.  Say yes.  Say yes.  You will be pleased.

Allow the sadness, worry, and disappointment of others to be fully expressed.  Allow your soul to love in that moment.  Just love.  Only love.  No need for understanding, compassion, or sympathy–just love.

Bring a myriad of color to your life and surround yourself with new colors.  Enjoy color and allow it to be felt in your body as color can bring a new opening of ideas and feelings.

Play, play, play.  For life is for you to enjoy and that time is not next week but now.  Play now.  Have fun.  Smile.  Dance.

For we are celebrating you and the journey of this life……………amen.

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