Wisdom Writing~~What you cannot see

Our message today is one for the highest love that can come to you and to all at this time in your world.  The expanding of love can have a great experience on your world and can bring forth the magic of which many are seeking.

The practice of expanding the heart to feel, give and receive love may seem low on a list compared to paying bills.   Yet we ask you to reorganize your list and just as you do sit-ups, do your heart/love expansion daily, hourly and even every minute.  The expanding of the heart can bring a great rush of joy, peace, love and surprises that much like the “money tree”* you cannot see.

So today, see newly.  Look at life with wonder and a heart full of love.  For a loving heart will see life in a way that will bring forth more love and serving itself over and over again.  No you will not explode with “too much love”*.  No you will not transcend or fall apart with “too much love”.  You will expand into who you already are.  At some point the remembering of the love will touch you deeply and for that be thankful.  Be open and indeed say “yes”.

No words of wisdom needed when one is in the presence of love, only love.  Today, see how peaceful and calm your day can be with love, only love

We thank you for this connection and dance with joy in you knowing how much you are loved and held as precious…………………amen


*Janet’s note:  I watched a video this morning called The Money Tree where people walked right on by a tree filled with dollar bills.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsN8FUV9nS4

“Too much love” was what I was thinking when this part of the message came through….so they addressed my concern 🙂

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