Wisdom Writings~~Where is your gold mine?

The message today may offer a new view and a slant that we haven’t offered.

The reading of the “crystal” email* may open up new worlds, new beliefs and new views.  The colors of which we speak may often include the stones.   Your ability to hear them has not developed and it may not.  Be not concerned as your ability to hear our message is deepening and your path is sacred, joyous and full of love.  Be at peace.

We often bring the opportunity to you several times if urging is necessary.  Be open.  Be open.  Be open.

Your ability to trust and say “yes” is expanding and we ask that you keep breathing in that direction and expansion.   For the true love of life is for all of it–seeing the artistry of the connection to all of it,  is exquisite, sumptious and brilliant.  Keep your eyes on this connection and the view of life will be forever altered.

It takes merely one view to shift and that can shift the reality of so many.  Your work is good and the continuing will bring pleasure to your body and satisfaction to your soul–just as  you ask.

Fulfill the desire of creative expression in all you do.  Always your fullest creative expression to be exactly the next step, the next word, the next action.  As creativity through you is divinely lead and will bring much joy for all.

Settle the mind, body and stomach in moving with extra slow movements today.  This practice is truly a gold mine for you.  This statement is figurative and literal, so enjoy the gold value of all it brings.

Surrender the health of your son as your job.   Begin to trust his path and the strength of his soul.  David’s** work is unfolding and the doors of opportunity are open;  yet they must be walked through fully on his own.  He is ready.

Pleasure through “slow” is key and you will be happy.

Enjoy life.  Enjoy today.  Enjoy forever……………….amen.

Janet’s note:

* I received an email today about a class offered by the School of Spiritual Psychology about “listening” to stones as access to the silence and the fecund darkness from which all arises…….it challenged yet intrigued my thinking and belief system.

** David is our “family” health guru and has designed specific remedies in a homeopathic form for us for the past 7  years.  My son is currently been sick in bed for three days……he is 13.

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