Wisdom Writings~~Feel the intensity of change

Go in to the deepest part of you.  The parts that have yet to be seen and in there is a darkness, a void that is filled with it all:  the grief, the sadness, the exuberance, the ecstasy.  Be not afraid of any of it.  Just let it be.

Truly speak the emotion as it arises.  Feel it.  Express it and live it.  For now is the time for all to be felt.  As the intensity of your world continues, allow it all– just feel it, embrace it, express it and then let it all go.

This journey was chosen by so many and often the remembering of this is lost.  Stay in the remembering and the light and love which you seek will fulfill itself through you.  Indeed this is a time of trust much unlike any other;  yet the strength and depth of trust is truly within you.  The bond of others in this trust is one that is for the gift of all.

Go forth with your voice of a “magical kingdom” life.  We will usher in new openings and opportunities.  Again we ask you to trust as the days may bring times that seem counter to our writings.   Just keep your vision of your world and keep your heart full of love.  You will see the moments budding just as in the spring the dead-looking branches suddenly show new growth as if a miracle every spring.  Dear one we are here; always here.

Again trust with Kaelan that this time of his soul’s experience is distinctly on task and you are a love in the play of his life.  Love him, love it all and release the drama of weak, lazy and forgotten.  His soul has great work and the path need not make sense to you.

Indulge in love today.  Bathe in it.  Relish it.  Express it.  Feel it.  Receive it.  It is our way of cleansing any doubt or fear and giving you our deepest connection.

Blessed be the life you see.  Blessed be the world of love and joy for all.  Blessed be all now.  In love……………..amen.

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