Wisdom Writings~~The deepest grief can bring the deepest trust

We hear your prayers, pleas and requests.  Always we are here.   Your urgency is indeed a factor to lessen,  as the urgency is tied to a fear or untrusting of the unknown.  Allow all and trusting is the aspect of most importance.

Just as in training for a sport, you must walk before you run.  The increase in practices for trust are not to be overlooked or rushed as they are your foundation for the next steps.   Be grounded fully in trust and much less attention will be needed on others opinions or judgments.  Just the certainty of trust can usher in a new life that you seek.

For in the creation of anything be it small or larger than one’s mind can hold matters not to us.  For indeed size has no parameters for us.  So the trusting of the delivery is all there is.  Just trusting that all in the world is for the pleasure of your body and the satisfaction of your soul.  Couple that with an ever-expanding heart full of love and the life you imagine is in the reality of your time.

The passing of your father is at choice right now and the deepest grief can bring the deepest trust to life as witnessed by the parents in Tucson.*  Bring your open-heart to your family and that is all that is needed.  Trust and allow the rest.

Create the images of your desires fully and see them rich in color and beauty.  Bring the intensity of textures, sound, and smell as well.  Immerse yourself in this practice many times and then with a thankful heart, go play for the rest of the day.  No need for strategizing or figuring out.  Follow yor heart and say yes in places you normally don’t.

See beauty today.  Be love today.  Immerse yourself in the joy of life.

Be well……………amen.

* janet’s note:  The parents in Tucson referred to are the parents of a 9 year old girl killed by a gunman at a shooting at a political gathering.  The parents said they believe their daughter is an angel and her passing will be a blessing to our world.

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