Wisdom Writings~~Know with the certainty of the rising sun that beauty always emerges from darkness

The abundance of creativity and the abundance of possibilities is around you always–at all times.  The looking in a new direction is often the head turn that can bring forth a new life.  Yet the turning can feel like turning a stone:  no flexibility or it will break.

For now, turn to love.   Turn to the heart, to emotions, to love.  Just surrender to love and you need not figure out any solution.  Turn to the love that is all around you and touch, taste and feel the love.  That is all to “do” for now.

The beauty of life can be unapparent in times of darkness, yet in the darkness can the next dramatically beautiful appear.  Trust the darkness,  and be not afraid in the darkness.  Know with the certainty of the rising sun that beauty always emerges from the darkness.

Be at peace today with a deep knowing that all is well.  All is divine,  and all is dancing with divinity inside.  See with reverence each and everyone you see and touch today.  See with reverence the nature that surrounds you.  See with reverence all that you resist because indeed there is divinity in it all.  Always has been–always will be.

We thank you for connecting in the days when  the “magical kingdom” life* seems nothing less than silly or far-fetched.  For in those days can we bring the greatest shift for  that which you seek.

Breathe deep.  Breathe well.  Breathe with the intent to see, feel and touch the divinity with in you and release it to the divinity that surrounds you.

Just a glimpse of divinity and the reality of victim disappears into the reality of ecstasy.  Enjoy and be at peace.

With love…………………amen.


*  Janet’s note:  The “magical kingdom” life is part of a stand I created for 2011.  At times I love this stand and at times of fear, I think it is silly.  Here is the stand: I am delusionally happy in my magical kingdom life where everything in the universe is for the pleasure of my body and the satisfaction of my soul.

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