Wisdom Writings~~The First Wave of “Surrenderers” are Ready!

Dear one, we hear you and the depth of gratitude from your heart reaches out beyond what you can imagine.  The thankfulness of a heart is filled with a radiant, light energy, and as it radiates out, it brings much out of the darkness into the light.

Continue with the depth of gratitude everyday and feel the joy in your body as it fills you.  This light brings a newness of mind to many including yours–of which you will be pleased.

Imagine greatly, deeply and genuinely the “magical kingdom” life you seek.  The “time” spent here is the time for you to “do” now and we urge the training of the imagination filled with love and gratitude.  This formula will be of great service,  and maybe the service for which you came.

Bless the life as it is and truly seek with a depth of certainty that all now is blessed.  Every event, every moment, every mind/thought………all of it, blessed and framed for the time of now.

The changes will come faster as so many are saying.  These changes are coming as they are being invited in.  Be of great, good heart and mind knowing that as a collective, you are ready.  Surrendering is the next step and for many this does not yet feel safe.   For now, the ones who can surrender are the ones in this first wave.  Allow the “surrenderers” to appear.   Dance with them, play with them and allow them to lead the way.

Indeed releasing fear daily is a practice to continue.   We are always here to bring in messages of love, joy and beauty to you, many or all.

Fill your heart with love today.  Fill it to overflow and witness the resurgence of the miraculous in your life.

Spend time in nature and know all is as it is–blessed, peaceful and profoundly connected.


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