Wisdom Writings~~Enveloped in the Beauty of Life

Our message of oneness and love can often be heard by the ones who are still, quiet and look within to hear the message that stirs the soul and heart.  The expansion of a heart to love, love, and love some more is often the path that few want to take, yet it calls to so many.

The path of pessimism and doubt can be filled with much sorrow; yet can also offer the glory of a new day.  In the events that bring forth the most sorrow, holds the opportunity of the greatest joy.  Today turn the focus to the joy of life;  wherever you can find it, no matter how small,  just look to it; be it the sound of the hummingbird’s wings or the glimpse of the sunset’s colors in the sky.

Find joy.  Focus on joy and ask your body how it could feel joy today.   Listen fully without the source of questioning that often is there.  For in the place of pessimism is the space of true connection to the oneness of all and the glory of a life filled with the magic and splendor you seek.

Be free of your daily fears and writing them is good.  Ask for us to hold them and hold you and then again go find joy in your day.

The beauty of life is ready to envelop you and envelop the whole;  as it is ready to reveal itself, express itself and be the predominant aspect of life.   So enjoy the beauty, splendor and divinity of life on this day and more will come to you as so many know this and yet are not mastering the simplicity of its message.

We urge a deeper place of connection and soon the writing will come from a new place.  Allow a depth of writing to come forth and it will be a new phase that is now ready to come.   Indeed a new journal, a favorite pen and many hours will soon be available to  you for the journey.

Be at peace this day and today look for beauty in all that you see; even in the throat of infection*, for all is beautiful.  All is beautiful and all is for you……………amen


*janet’s note:  My son has had a throat infection for 16 days and I mostly see it as an annoyance to get rid of.  Seeing it as beautiful would be a welcome change for my son, I’m sure!

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