Wisdom Writings~~ Are you a Crystal Decanter for the Dreams of our Future?

The chasm of love that can become your heart is now ready for a deep awakening.  Allow the depth of love for “self” to arise as if you were watching you and the only source of food, water and sustenance was the love you could offer one’s “self” on this truly, remarkable journey you call life.

Imbibe in daily doses of love and see your “self” as one whose voice is an important part of the whole.  Your voice, your sound, your love are all parts of a whole that without you,  is not an expression of all that is.

We ask for this quiet time daily.   In the quiet, open mind we can bring many ideas that have yet to be planted, grown, and nurtured.  Be aware that as the days go by with an open mind, it becomes fertile ground for the world of the future that so many envision and dream.  Open the mind as  an open vessel and allow it to be filled with that which seems glorious, stupendous and even unbelievable.  Allow the dreamers to have a vociferous voice and receive the dreams with an open mind and heart.   Keeping the dream just as a beautiful, crystal decanter holds the glory of a wine and does nothing more but holds it, allows it to breathe and open up to its greatest expression.

For now just be the open vessel.  No need to do more.  Allow it to fully come in.  See it, embrace it and hold it.  You will know when the partaking of a toast will come.

We bless the many ones that seek to open their hearts and minds.   Know that we are with you, beside you, and always nearby whispering our words of love and gratitude to the deepest part of your souls aching to be known. Your glorious light will soon become to bright to hide, so now let it peek out a bit at times.   Bask in the release and “ahhhh” nature of your soul that feels much like the wearing and unzipping of tight jeans.   The soul is ready to be released and seen by many.

We thank you for the times of connection.   The sharing of the message is now on the journey of connection.

Be filled with the glory of wonder today and express your love and wonder for all………….amen

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