Wisdom Writings~~The Blooming of “You” is now in Season

Expressing love at times of fear is one that the soul is aching for.  In the times of great fear, worry or stress, the capacity of love can bring a great awakening to the many parts of you that are still asleep.  Often the awakening with love can bring the greatest joy and release from the suffering that comes with the fear and worry.

So now, look to love.   Feel love.  Ask for love.  Send love and let the energy of love be that which sources life for you.  Truly it can be surrendered into and indeed the element of control you seek will dissipate and may even for a moment disappear.   In that moment,  your soul will soar at being free to be all and experience all that is.

Bring the glorious color, beauty and peace of a blooming flower to your life today and imagine the fear of  your mind surrounded in a big field of vibrant, colorful flowers.  Just allow that beauty to emanate to all the dark recesses of fear trapped in those places that never seem to be set free.  For a flower is gentle, kind, loving and beautiful.  It reminds you that the blooming of “you” is now in season.

Rejoice for your own growth.  Rejoice for your own budding.  Rejoice for the colorful, loving expression that is uniquely you and is showing its face in the glory of the sun.

We delight in the creative flow that many will allow to come from them.  So now a message to all:  allow your creativity to flow in whatever way brings delight to you,  be it cooking, walking, imagining, building, playing music, etc.  Just be and allow the flow to be turned on like a faucet.  No need to tap into it yet.  Just let it flow and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

We bless you, thank you and delight in you always and all ways…………..amen

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