Wisdom Writings~~Open, Open and Trust the Will of Life

Our message today is clear.   Open to a message of peace in the days that feel tumultuous.  Oh to see the beauty, pleasure and satisfaction in the moments of great sadness and worry.  Let go of your need to know the answers and the need to control anything.  Truly, truly, trust the life you believe in.  The life of beauty, pleasure and satisfaction is here now and yet the sadness is part of it.

The vulnerability of sadness will open many doors to your soul;  hence the sudden news.*   As you venture deeply into sadness, the opening of your heart and soul will be assuredly shown to be the next step of unfolding the magical kingdom life.

Enjoy each moment of love today.   The receiving of love will become exponential and for this you will be pleased.

Enjoy the song and calling of birds as they let you know that spring is coming and with that will be a blooming of goodness and an abundance of beauty that will surround all of life.

Be at peace with the path of others.  It is often not easy to let others be on their path; yet it is the greatest gift you can give them.  It will allow all to breathe with trust and love.

For now the introspection of your heart and soul is good work.   You will find the times that bring joy to life a surprise and a gift.  Enjoy fully and deeply any moment of joy and imagine it bringing a deeper satisfaction from within as a necessary part of your foundation.

Be at peace dear one, even with a sad heart you will receive all you need.   Now open, open, open and trust the will of life……………amen.


*janet’s note:  Yesterday, I found out my Dad has a large malignant tumor on his kidney.  Both need to be removed as soon as possible.  Waves of sadness wash over me, followed by feeling numb and spacey.

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