Wisdom Writings~~Imagining the Shift from “hope” to “knowing”

Be at peace in the days when only the trappings of the mind seem to run the day.  Be not one who feels all is lost on those days.  Know that one moment of peace inside the chaos is often the one drop needed to create the greatest shift within.

We are here with a message of the greatest joy and a future vision that many still hold in hope.   We ask the “hopers” to turn to “knowers”; knowing that a world of one love is for all and in the hearts of so many.

So now take ten minutes a day and imagine, imagine, imagine.  Imagine the Magical Kingdom Life with the beauty, pleasure and depth of satisfaction for all.

Again, turn  just one moment of the imagining from “hope” to “knowing”.  Then, the course of energy that gives the reality of life is set into motion.  The dominos and puzzle pieces start to fall and click.  Why do you think we love to “play”?    It is just like playing for us to watch all the pieces fall into place.  The delightful squeals of love and joy that emanate from the body, mind and soul bring a cacophony of exultation from all the realms.  We are filled with the greatest sense of pleasure for you and in the “knowing” will the future life be realized.

We ask you to join with one, two or many others who can take the imagining from “hope” to “knowing” and dance together in the joyful way that children play–knowing now, now, now is where the fun is!

We thank you so deeply for the use of your voice in the transmission of our message.

Be love.  Bring love.  See love.  Give love.  Feel love…….for all is love.

Today is your day……….amen

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