Wisdom Writing~~Witness the “no” light with an Open Heart

Blessed be the ones that read these words and open their hearts.  This time of love can bring a vibrancy to life so those souls can shine and attract others with their similar light.

Connecting soul groups can be an adventure and will soon become a part of your journey. Being a great connector through love, joy and beauty will bring a deep satisfaction to the soul of many.

For today, the time of “now” is important.  In the days when the list is long,  the “now” moment is often lost.  So play with the “now” moment while checking off the list of doing. Ask,  “Can I bring pleasure to this moment?”  Witness an unfolding to the day that only attention to the now can bring.  For timelessness does exist but only in the “now”.

Be not afraid of the many health issues that surround  you.  Look deeper to your soul and their soul and see the aspect of growth and expression that is yearning to be set free.  Often the fear and worry can mask your vision.  So ask the fear or worry to sit down and thank it for its vigilant attention to safety.  You may want to introduce your fear and worry to your soul and ask them to embrace and love the other; knowing that together  they are working for the good of your “self”.

Going deeper into the listening of your wisdom is now the task at hand.*   Listening that deep will bring a peace and certainty to life’s exquisite nature.  Just go down  into the deepest parts of you and be still.  Practice feeling safe in the dark; for that practice will be beneficial to all.   Even if you must practice it in reality, then darken the room, open your eyes and feel nurtured, safe and loved.   Witness the “no” light with an open heart.

Play today.  Witness beauty and love, love, love all that you see………………amen.

* janet’s note:  I got distracted from my writing by a pain in my body and the message for listening was two-fold………in that moment and for the next level of receiving these Wisdom Writings 🙂

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