Wisdom Writings~~ Do You “Deserve” to Bloom Again?

Receiving the goodness of all that life wishes to give can be a challenge for many souls.

The receiving is often tied to a part of the humanity/mind called “deserving”,  and no mind can wrap itself around the deserving of all life has to offer; hence the demise of many very successful ones*.

For the receiving to bring the soul satisfaction you speak of, then know that this is the natural flow of the universe.  Just as a cherry tree in full bloom does not shed the blossoms because it does not deserve to be so abundantly blessed, it is your natural state to be filled with beauty and blessings.  Yet the tree will also shed all blossoms and fruit and then become bare, dormant, dead-looking.   Again,  it doesn’t now feel as if it is worthless and can no longer bloom again.

The natural order of life can be an ebb and flow, and much is blessed in both states.  So allow the depth of your soul to come alive fully in both those times.  In the abundant state, many forget to stay focused, centered and connected as they celebrate the goodness. In the times of apparent despair or dearth, go to the soul and stay connected.  This is a time of greater growth than of the apparent blossoming time.**

Sing the songs of happiness throughout the day and enjoy the melodic vibration as your face, heart and hips start to smile.

Be filled with ease this day and bring love to all you do.

Blessed be…………amen

* janet’s note:  The “successful” ones that I got an image of were:  Michael Jackson, Howard Hughes and Marilyn Monroe.

** Apparently the sentences about despair and dearth offering greater growth must be important as they got deleted somehow and I needed to type them in twice!

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2 Responses to Wisdom Writings~~ Do You “Deserve” to Bloom Again?

  1. Alan Pimentel says:

    Janet, thank you for having the courage and the love to follow your inner wisdom. I love you so much! Alan


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