Wisdom Writings~~ The Glorious Place of Wonder

The message of wonder will bring a great wondering to many.   The wonder of life is one that all come in with,  yet many lose along the way.

For in wonder lives the creative force of all that is and in wonder lives the sweetest space of “not knowing”.  Many have a fear of “not knowing”,  and we now ask that you replace that fear with a deep wonder.  Be like the eyes of a child when they discover their first glitter ball or jack in the box.  Something of great delight and awe can emerge from the “not knowing”.  We send you many places to “not know” and practice the glorious place of wonder.

A message of love is sent to all that read our words.   Not love like a casual love,  but truly we send a love with a depth of reverence for all that impart time on the day to bring  wisdom to their hearts, minds and soul.

We honor the path of you and thank you for your blessed expression of life.  Know that we adore you much like you adore your children, mates and even your pets.  For if you could but see the glory of your soul, your light, or your essence the way we see and know you, the life of suffering would end.   The glory of joy would penetrate all cells and all living things around you; hence becoming a beacon of love and joy.  This is a life that many,  oh so many are ready to live.

Enjoy the light.  Enjoy the love and enjoy the world of wonder.

Blessed be……………..amen.

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