Wisdom Writings~~ Grandeur, Beauty and Plenitude for All

The message of grandeur is one that is confusing many during this time on your planet.  Is waste and neglect a result of the desire for grandeur?  For grandeur brings beauty, splendor and a reverence for all that enter.  Seeing the grandeur of your world, your life and your heart is a task that can bring a new reality to life.  For a life with an open heart that is filled with the desire for grandeur, can hold the plenitude for all.

For now, enjoy your beauty in the day wherever you are:  in traffic, doing dishes, raking leaves.  Beauty can be seen anywhere.  Yet just as a woman can look in a mirror and see an inaccurate reflection of her body, so can you look out and see troubles, strife and suffering.  Allow yourself to be naked and real and stand in front of the mirror.  Allow the natural beauty to reveal itself fully.   It is there; always there.  With that same reflection, look out to your life and see the beauty that is all around.  For the soul of “self” and the soul of the world is awaiting the delighted discovery of imminent beauty for all.

We thank you for the voicing of our message, and we are giddy for the expansion of your heart.  Be at one with all today and smile, smile, smile……………..amen.

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