Wisdom Writings~~A Focal Point for the Soul

Blessed be all that have heavy hearts today.  May they soon find forgiveness,  and the splendor that it uncovers.  We ask you to send messages to the friends that have heavy hearts.  Send them great love in this time.

Be still in the days when you are restless, worried or have no direction.  The stillness can bring a focal point of energy that will unveil a new path or direction that your soul has been awaiting.  For in restless times, the soul is aware of  the path and yet cannot be heard through the mind “full” activity of worry, fear or distractions.

Be earnest in the Magical Kingdom Life,  and the voicing of it as an expression of your life.

In the days of cold*, be not focused on the waste but the moments of warmth and plenitude for all.   Witness a newness to your life as the focus will shift from the “not” enough to the plenitude for all.  The grandeur life that is so desired can bring great blessing to many.

Allow all and be one with all as you go through your days.  Include the distractions as a loving memory of our connection in those times when you feel none.

See the joy.  Feel the joy.  Be the joy……….for all is for you today.


*janet’s note:  I live in Arizona and it is going to get “very”cold again in a couple of days.  Our house is old and very inefficiently heated.  I have been bothered by the inefficiency of the house and the “waste” of electricity.  I tend to see “waste” and “not enough” as a repetitive pattern throughout my life.

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