Wisdom Writings~~Taking Out the Garbage and Freeing the Heart and Soul

The days of anger, worry, and fear can truly become a fading memory of the past as the capacity of the heart continues to expand.  As the days pass and the experience of time begins to fade through the imagining of the Magical Kingdom Life*,  this will bring great joy and pleasure to you and many.

Today let’s talk about feeling ‘waste’ **and the depth of the word as you often think of yourself or the surroundings of your life.  For now, imagine ‘waste’ as it becomes something that can burden the heart/soul, leaving them unable to express their truest form.  Take ‘waste’ and much like garbage, empty it out.  Dump it over and empty all the moments, ages, and circumstances that have left an imprint on your cells.  Ask them now to leave you,  as they no longer need to protect you.  Much like a hoarder in a house afraid to let go of the stuff that at the time feels so needed, it is now time to let go of feeling ‘waste’.

Allow lots of love and more love during this process as you excise those feelings and experiences from any reality that you call “you”.  Yes it will take love, love and more love.  In the loving removal of ‘waste’, it creates the path for it to leave.  Be grateful for every moment and all the safety it provided, for in ‘waste’ there is little risk of being vulnerable.

We ask you now to also surround yourself in beauty as you go deeper into the releasing of your reality to the beautiful landscapes, paintings, flowers or colors that will refresh the soul and bring a remembrance to the truest self.  When the feeling of joy, peace, pleasure or love arises, embellish it fully with a smile on your face and the shake of your hips.

We understand your fear in releasing all that you have “known” for that which appears as “unknown”.  Yet prepare for the moment of remembering as you begin to feel grounded and one with all–fully alive and fully taken care of.

We wish you great joy, great peace and great love on this day designed for the glory of all that is you………………amen.

janet’s note:

* The Magical Kingdom Life has been referenced many times in these writings and is a life surrounded in beauty where everything is for the pleasure of our bodies and satisfaction of our soul.

** ‘Waste’ is a common feeling I have either about myself (wasting time, wasting my potential, wasting my life, etc) and about the environment/life (wasting water, food, time, etc.)…….it is a word I have been very aware of lately that takes me away from love, joy and pleasure and brings fear and a closed heart.

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