Wisdom Writings~~The World that is Yearning, Yearning to Come Forth

As the days go by and you yearn for certainty and truth, the time that passes is lost to experience beauty, joy and love.  The time of beauty, love and joy is now, now, now.

Your dreams will soon become more valuable to you,  even in the day and night.  Allow the dream time to fill your mind with many beautiful visions.  The imagining and dream time are important now.

Releasing the outcomes of fear, worry or neglect will bring great joy to you.  Yet the releasing to the logical mind seems stupid and  irresponsible.   Allow all dreaming and set the logic to the side,  for truly the feminine energy of creation is endeavoring to enter your world; yet when fear kicks in, the masculine energy to protect, be logical, plan, figure out, and dominate kicks in.  Create a pathway for the feminine “play” of creativity, beauty, and joy;  hence our suggestions for imagining a field of flowers in the mind and the surrounding oneself with colors and beauty.

Indeed this message is for all.  So men and women can release the preponderance of masculine energy bringing a balance to the collective mind.  Oh imagine the “imaginings” if filled with creativity, joy and beauty versus the many hours dedicated to planning, strategizing and finding all the wrongs, all the darkness.  So turn to the light, the color, the beauty,  and yes even when it feels stupid, irresponsible and lazy.  That energy is calling to you.  Truly take notice of any glimmering new thought, new idea or new expression of love.   That is the world that is yearning, yearning to come forth.  Usher it in with grace, joy and beauty.  Many will be pleased.

We thank you for listening at times when it just is easier to be numb.

Sending deep, deep love and knowing that we are here with grand vision, love and grace for all that are with you on this journey…………..amen.

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